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Brian stops by to show Luke and Noah new brochures for Luke's foundation. He hears they've got a booth reserved for the campus gay film festival.
Brian suggests it's not a good audience for their foundation.

Luke is outraged and accuses Brian of being uncomfortable to talk about him being gay. Worried about the start up of the new foundation, Brian suggests that Luke is so much more than being gay which Noah later agrees is true.

Lily gives Lucinda a hard time when she expects to take the kids with her for the afternoon and orders her to get out.

Leaving, Lucinda insists she helped Dusty fake his death because she loves her. She enlists Luke's help in trying to smooth things over but his pleas only serve to anger Lily further.

Though Dusty tells Emily he has no interest in the Stenbeck estate, Paul quickly accepts Mr. Bergman's invitation to attend a reading of James' will.

Meg accompanies him to the crypt where they spot the canister supposedly containing James' ashes. Paul's upset when Mr. Bergman's representative waits for Dusty who brings Emily.

He then plays a video of James who claims that he returned to Oakdale to "put his house in order" after learning that he had been poisoned in Thailand.

He claims he set up a challenge between Paul and Dusty and states that while he had hoped Paul would prove himself, if Dusty is there too, he declares him the winner and awards him his estate.

Paul is outraged and takes the urn to Fairwinds.

There, while he argues with a vision of James, Meg takes a call from the accountant who warns that Paul embezzled Worldwide funds.

Meg runs to tell Dusty who offers his help. Emily spots him embrace Lily and later warns Dusty about his offer of help backfiring.

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