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Mike complains to the foreman that Paul's responsible.

Meg's relieved when a dirt-covered Paul returns.

Mike interrupts and blames Paul for having to condemn the land.

Anxious to continue digging, Paul enlists Barbara's help who tells Lily she'll take her son to a meeting with a psychiatrist at the hospital.

He returns to the site and removes a couple of planks to continue digging but is called away by Meg. Jack is outraged when Brad boasts "in public" that he helped with their scheme.

Margo presses Janet to agree to let Liberty testify for fear that she'll go through life feeling like a victim. Janet agrees and confronts Brad who insists that burning the evidence is the best thing for everyone.

Pointing out that he didn't do this for his own son, Carly convinces Jack that he won't be able to live with his decision about taking the evidence.

He agrees but is upset to find Janet and Brad have just burned the papers. Jack blasts Janet while Brad lays into Jack for wanting to betray him.

Unwilling to tell Janet what he's going to do, Jack finds Margo and confesses that he destroyed the evidence.

Lily stops by the farmhouse and assumes the worst when she eyes Carly and Holden laughing in the kitchen. She calls Mike and arranges to meet him at the Lakeview, forgetting that the kids don't have school today.

She calls Holden and leaves a message, asking him to stop by to check on the kids. After sex, Lily and Mike have lunch downstairs where she spots Holden who admits he never got her message.

They hurry back to the house and find that Faith and Natalie have failed to keep an eye on a now-missing Ethan who wanders near the open pit.

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