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Holden insists on going down in the hole to rescue Ethan in spite of Mike's warnings that it's not safe.

Faith worries he's going to die during the rescue attempt.

Paul tells Meg that they can't contact the police about Derek because of his threats.

Paul escorts her to bed and then rushes out to try to find James' gold at the dig site.

Meg follows him to the dig site where she reassures a tired Lily that her son should be fine. Mike advises her that he hasn't seen Paul lately but still blames him for the dangerous pit.

Armed with his own equipment, Paul prepares to drop into the hole but overhears Meg telling Mike about the trouble Paul's facing.

Mike warns her that Paul's as toxic as the ground they're standing on.

Mike advises Lily that the equipment won't arrive until tomorrow morning. Carly's uncomfortable when Jack brings her to the farmhouse to relax and they find Janet cooking.

Jack insists that she stay but Carly urges him to believe that Janet is a good person. Holden brings Faith to the farm where she chastises him for the way he's been treating Mike.

Holden thanks Mike for his help. Meg suddenly feels a stomach pain so while Mike takes her home, Paul slips into the hole.

He finds Ethan safe and then spots the chest but, as he tells himself that his father finally didn't lie to him, he discovers the chest is empty.

Lily convinces Holden to spend the night with her in a tent near their son.

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