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Barbara is relieved when Paul calls, looking for Meg. He opts not to tell her how he made it out of the pit.

Later, he reports that Meg is missing and thinks James has her.

After she urges him to get help, Paul calls Jack who asks them both not to tell anyone in the family. Jack decides Derek might be able to lead them to James.

They confront Bonnie at Metro who calls Derek and tricks him into coming to the club where Paul starts beating him until he tells him where James might have Meg.

Getting nowhere, they bring Derek to Dallas at the station house where he asks Bonnie to be his attorney.

Bonnie refuses but Paul insists she find out all she can. As Alison and Aaron watch from outside the room, Chris pronounces Ethan well enough to go home to a relieved Lily and Holden.

Aaron accompanies them home while Alison stays behind to finish her shift. She thanks Chris for treating Ethan and ends up back at his place to check on the dog.

There, she kisses him but then feeling guilty, she rushes to Aaron and takes him to bed so they can "make a baby."

As the family celebrates, Holden watches Lily greet Mike at the door with a kiss. He offers to return to the farm so she can be with Mike but Lily invites him to stay with her.

After they shower, Lily invites him into her bed for sex.

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