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Barbara worries to Paul that James does not intend to bring Meg back to him. Derek tells Bonnie that he doesn't want her as his attorney.

However, he then asks her to work out a plea bargain.

The deal done, Derek admits that James is only interested in Meg's baby and guesses he took Meg to a beach on the east coast.

Jack confides to Carly that he's going out of town on a private case and insists that she not tell anyone it's a search for James Stenbeck.

However, he does ask her to tell Janet he'll be out of town for awhile. Reluctantly, Carly heads out to the farm and gives Janet the news.

Janet's upset that Jack didn't tell her himself and confronts him at the station house. There, he refuses to give her the details of his trip and she points out that he went to Carly first.

Later, Janet tells Carly that Jack will always have a part of Carly in his life which is unacceptable.

Blaming her decision to sell the land as the cause of all of her problems, Emma announces to Mike that she is shutting down the project for good.

Holden and Lily arrive at the farm as a couple and run into Carly.

Holden takes her aside to talk about his relationship with Lily but she interrupts and claims that if he's happy, she's happy for him.

Lucinda, Luke and Brian join the festivities at the farm where they celebrate Ethan's safe return. Lucinda and Emma are pleased when Lily confirms that she and Holden are back together.

Emma decides to donate the land to the town as a nature preserve so Brian jumps in and offers to help plan a benefit.

When Alison boasts to Casey and Emily that she and Aaron are trying to start a family, Emily calls her crazy which leads to an argument with Casey who also wants to start a family. Emily refuses.

Meanwhile, having seen Chris ordering a meal at the Lakeview bar, Alison later accuses him of stalking her.

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