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Meg gets confirmation from James that Paul is alive. She boasts that the document she signed to save Paul's life means nothing.

He counters that she has no say about him taking her baby.

Meg runs out of the beach house but, unable to find anyone to help her, she collapses. James brings her back inside but then leaves her locked in the cottage while he runs an errand.

Picking the lock, Meg slips into another room and finds Dusty Donovan.

Paul suffers from a nightmare in which he spots Meg at a cottage with a sign featuring swans but she keeps running from him.

He calls Jack who enlists Carly's skills as an artist to draw the cottage he saw in his dream.

Jack and Carly take the sketch to Dallas and guess that James might have taken Meg to Swan Island off the coast of Maine.

Brad's upset to find Katie slept on the couch last night. Janet interrupts and asks for a place to stay.

Katie offers to share her bedroom with Janet while Brad sleeps on the couch.

Katie gives Brad a hard time after a taping at the studio. He apologizes later and asks how he can make up to her for all that he has done.

She points out that he owes his freedom to many people. Finding Jack dozing while looking through files on James, Carly insists that he come home with her to rest.

There, she encourages him to go to the farm to tell Emma about missing Meg and then questions him about his feelings for Janet.

Vienna brings Henry home from the hospital but as they try to head up to their room at the Lakeview, Bonnie stops them and asks them to get to the station house to drop the charges against Derek. Vienna agrees.

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