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Paul almost punches Dallas as he demands Jack focus only on finding his wife. Jack drags Paul back to Fairwinds.

He reveals there is no proof that James has been at the house. Paul insists he and his mother both saw him. As Jack leaves, James appears and denies knowing anything about Meg's disappearance.

He guesses Meg ran off with another guy which only infuriates Paul more.

James then disappears. Meg is amazed when Dusty opens his eyes and recognizes her. He's surprised when she explains that James is behind this.

Dusty admits that some friends faked his death so he could try to find Johnny.

He explains that he was jumped while looking for Johnny and Lucy in Bangkok and admits that he thought Craig was behind his being held captive.

She advises him that he's in the States, maybe on the Atlantic Ocean and that she married Paul.

Dusty can't believe it but Meg defends her decision.

She tries to break the lock on his cage but James returns so she returns to her room and sends him out for the lactose-free ice cream she's craving.

Meg then breaks into his cage and helps him outside.

Back in Oakdale, Paul sees a vision of Meg with Dusty. Out at the diner with the kids, Lily sends Holden after Carly who slips out of the eatery after seeing them eating.

When he catches up with her, Carly lectures him about leaving his wife again to make sure she's okay.

Lily gives him a hard time back at home and won't have sex.

Later, she confronts her rival and, after thanking her for her help during Ethan's disappearance, orders her to stay away from her husband.

When she confesses what she did, Holden is upset but agrees that he'd do the same if Dusty were still around.

He promises he'll keep Carly out of his life but asks her to trust him.

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