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Brad returns and announces to Janet that he just confessed his incident with Leo to Dallas. He asks her to stay out of it.

She confirms that Katie never came home last night.

After Katie calls in to work to check on Brad, Janet calls WOAK and tells Brad that she's in Chicago. Katie's in a panic after spending the night together in a Chicago hotel room.

He reminds her nothing happened but when Brad arrives, he finds Mike wearing only a towel and runs off.

Katie follows him back to Oakdale and insists that nothing happened and that she just needed to "cool off."

Bonnie worries to Carly that Derek might be in danger.

Jack shows Dallas a text message supposedly from Meg that suggests she's in a place called Mattamoi Island.

After telling Carly, Jack arrives at the docks, looking for a ride to the island but is attacked and thrown into the water.

Carly and Bonnie find Derek locked up in the Fairwinds wine cellar. He leaks that James is setting Jack up. Carly rushes to the docks and spots Jack being tossed into the water.

She jumps in and pulls him ashore where she tries to revive him. Waking up on the beach together, Dusty goes looking for food for them and finds shelter and a handgun at a nearby lighthouse.

At the beach house, Paul is frustrated when he fails to find Meg there. His father surprises him though and suggests that Meg and Dusty used the place for their romantic getaway.

After James arms him with a handgun, Paul searches along the beach and spots the lighthouse. Inside, he finds Meg asleep in Dusty's arms.

Dallas has Brad sign his statement and then announces to him and Katie that Leo's parents have dropped the charges so he is free to go.

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