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Jack runs to warn Brad that he needs to hire an attorney because they lifted footprints and fingerprints from the reservoir.

Brad sends Katie out and then asks Jack what he's going to do about it.

Jack claims his hands are tied and tells Brad that he's got to turn himself in.

Brad refuses and, at the station house, pleads with his brother to make the evidence disappear for fear that he will lose everything that matters to him.

Jack isn't convinced until Liberty talks about how important it is to have her father in her life.

Brad brings the evidence file home and when Janet learns what's happened, she offers to hide the file for him.

Finding Casey in a bad mood, Emily realizes that the wedding is reminding him that she ended their marriage.

As the family waits for her to show for the wedding rehearsal, Alison argues with Chris about whether he knows what she needs in her life.

Chris confesses he loves her and eventually, Allison hops into bed with him to have sex.

Afterwards, an upset Allison announces that she is going ahead with the wedding in spite of what happened.

Offering to help a worried Susan, Dani heads to the hospital where she discovers that neither Chris nor Allison are at the hospital.

She hurries to the Lakeview and catches Allison running from a sheet-clad Chris at his room.

Aaron is forgiving when Allison finally arrives but she can't stop feeling guilty over what she did.

Later, running into the Chris at the Lakeview and unaware Dani is listening, Allison confirms to an upset Chris that she didn't tell Aaron and won't tell him.

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