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This week Jenna gets her “tree branch” cast cut off. Only to faint during the procedure and dislocate her shoulder, putting her in a sling for a week.

While having trouble changing during PE, Sadie takes a picture of Jenna’s chest and sends it to the entire school. Soon posters appear all over the school of Jenna's chest.

In attempt to control the situation Jenna decides to flash the entire school in person. It doesn’t work and she’s sent to Valerie’s office along with Sadie. Sadie is able to weasel her way out of any punishment.

Jenna posts on the internet she’s in need of a hero. Seeing this Matty takes down all the posters of her chest and brings them to her. The two of them kiss.

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Awkward Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You're scaring her, it's not like she's gonna have a gimpy baby arm. Or is that possible?


It was the dawn of a new beginning my sideshow status as the suicide freak was about to end and my creeper year was on the verge of retirement thank God.