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Jenna and Sadie decide to keep Matty and Eva's secret an actual secret. The entire school is soon talking about a pregnancy after Val holds an assembly to talk about safe sex, and the liberal use of HJs, BJs, but not exiting to stay safe from pregnancy. Matty and Eva assume Jenna or Sadie tell, but Sadie brushes them off reminding them there are plenty of whores in the school.
Meanwhile, Eva runs into Tamara who tells her she is pregnant. Much to Tamara's surprise. Tamara tells Jenna, and Jenna runs to Matty warning him about throwing his life away. Matty reminds Jenna that she's overstepping, and Jenna tells him she's done.
Later that night, Jenna heads home to meet with Luke, and the two amicably break up. Lacey tells her that she needs to study for school not wallow with some guy she dates in high school.
Matty puts the pieces together over Eva's deceptions, and calls everything off with her. Telling her she has one day to leave the school, and he'll tell whatever story she comes up with. Later that night, Jenna and Matty share some Chinese Food.
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Awkward Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

I really want to believe you, I really do, it's just that you're a f***ing horrible person, Amber.


Jenna: He said I was a good person.
Lacey: That son of a bitch.