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New Year's Even is upon Palos Verdes, Jenna tries to repair the damage that Eva inflicted upon her friendship with Matty.  When Matty shows up with Jake things get awkward soon, so Jenna invites Tamara over to ease the social pain. Meanwhile, Lacey heads to Ally's for their own New Year's Eve party with Val, and Ally enlists Sadie and Lissa as the help. Sadie sends out a group text inviting the four friends to Ally's party. 

Matty and Jenna make a pact to reverse wingman each other while Sergio begins defending Sadie. Jake thinks he's scoring with an older woman only to find out she wants him to sing her daughter to sleep. Lissa and Tyler find their father dancing with the male stripper.  Sadie tells Lissa that she needs to tell her Mom that her Dad is gay. Sadie and Sergio follow Lissa and Tyler as she attempts to spill the beans about her father, but Lissa ends up saying she's in love with Tyler instead.  

Just before the clock strikes midnight, Jenna strikes up some conversation with Owen while Matty patches things up with his mother. Jenna thinks Matty is hooking up with an older woman and, as the clock strikes midnight, kisses Owen.

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