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It’s Matty’s 18th birthday, and everyone is trying to get in the spirit. Jenna doesn’t forget Matty’s birthday and gets him a vending machine cupcake. Gabi doesn’t forget Matty’s birthday either, and gets him a cupcake tower and a cheer. Jenna, trying to take the high road, tells Gabi she gave Matty a great gift, and Gabi invites Jenna to a little surprise party she’s throwing Matty. Meanwhile, Jake brings Matty to a strip club now that they’re both officially eighteen.

Jenna, trying to stay in the game of emotional chicken with Gabi, agrees to attend the surprise party and even help decorate. Jenna helps Gabi make it perfect, and the two bond and are genuinely nice to each other. What they once thought was an intimidation ploy on both sides ends up being a friendship between both Gabi and Jenna.

Jenna, thinking she got into Lockard, waits until she gets home with Lacey to show her the envelope. Unfortunately, Jenna never read the envelope. It was addressed to Lacey. Jenna, alone in her room, finds Matty at her bedroom door in need of a drinking buddy as he opens the envelope about his birth parents. The two bond over their share of bad news – Matty’s birth mother doesn’t want to be found, and his birth father lives in Portland. They lean in for a kiss but Jenna stops it before it goes any further.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

You just thought you’d way overstep your nonexistent boundaries and interfere with my life for the millionth time?


Sadie: Don’t use my real name!
Tamara: Why not? It sounds like a stripper name.