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Jenna spills it to Kevin that Lacey got into college, and Ally invites everyone to her Spring Break party in Mexico. Sadie, now without any money, has to make a video to seal her free ride into Columbia and enlists Jake’s help as her image counselor.

Jenna, still feeling guilty over her kiss with Matty, begs him to tell her the truth, and when Gabi comes up to talk to her about it Jenna says too much and makes the situation worse.

When Sadie’s video is shown to the whole school, Jake’s editing magic shows Sadie’s true colors: her snark. Jake uses the video to try to get a point across to her, that she’s not really as mean as she wants everyone to believe she is, but Sadie says she totally is.

Meanwhile, Matty and Jenna have a talk, and Jenna wonders if he wasn’t ready to come to Gabi with the news about his birth father why did he continually come to her? 

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Sadie: You’re like vanilla ice cream: boring but everyone likes it ‘cause it’s bland, benign, milquetoast.

What’s with Intimidation Nation? I thought you were tight with “Gab” and her crew?