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Jenna has a sex dream about her future. Sadie is back to being the Queen Bitch, and Tamara can't deal with Jake's recent makeover. Fred Wu is heartbroken over Ming being gone so suddenly to boarding school to get into a good college. During the senior photo, the class rankings come out with Jenna landing at 137. Jenna talks with Val about her standing and tells her that she needs to build her brand. Tamara doesn't know if she's ever had an orgasm. 

Jenna runs into Matty at the mall when she's shopping with Lacey. Matty is modeling out front of the store, making his own Matty while his parents divorce, and Matty and Bailey fizzled out. Jenna joins the cheer team as equipment manager and helps elect Lissa as captain. At the senior sleepover, Matty and Jenna hold hands and Tamara and Jake broadcast her orgasm-less sex to the entire school. 

While working on college applications, Jenna brushes off Matty. Kevin takes Jenna out to some food trucks and Jenna sees Sadie working in one. Jenna after some reflections, goes to apologize to Matty and help him with his college applications. They end up back in bed together. 

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