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The episode begins with Almond given a service with Moto in attendance. 

Backstrom gets a report that a young girl named Talia has gone missing and believes that it is a serial kidnapper. Talia's mother tells the team that she is a liar and is manipulative. 

The kidnaping of Talia has numerous similarities to a case that Backstrom encountered several years ago. The team goes to the school and is told that Talia ha a boyfriend named Claudio, who she broke up with. 

The team picks up Talia's boyfriend and comes to the conclusion that it is not him. Gravely informs Backstrom that she is going to contact the FBI after the team receives a kidnapping note.

Backstrom and the team continue to investigate the case after the FBI take over. 

The team is on the trail of a hooded figure, who they discover is a internet sensation among teenagers who wants to befriend special kids. 

It is revealed that Amber made the ransom note and recorded the video of Talia. The team takes Amber's phone and she becomes afraid that she will die if she stays on Earth. 

Almond is close to getting evicted from his church. 

The team stages a meet-up between Amber and Minus. Amber tells Backstrom and Valentine that she saw Minus take Amber and that he had a cane. The team tracks down the tattoo parlor that the girls went too to find their suspect. 

The teams finds Talia and Lacey in the end and Almond's church recieves a years worth of rent in donations. 


Review Notes:

I think we have found that case that haunts Backstrom. I think it is said that there is always that one cop who is haunted by a past case that he couldn't solve or something that didn't sit right with him about the case. 

Why was Talia's mother still sending her to that school? Why did she pay for her to go there anyway?

Gravely was right in calling the FBI. Almond believes Backstrom, and agrees to help him find the real criminal. If Backstrom is right, then Talia does not have long to live. Gravely was defending Backstrom in this case from getting into further trouble. 

Gigbbib.Good is good, bad is better. 

I am not sure the FBI would decide just like that that it was no longer a kidknapping. 

Amber freaking out was pretty serious. The Realm of the Fallen 

How would you manipulate the system to invite someone without them noticing?

It was all a product of creepy obsessions. Amber was jealous of Talia, and it was all because she didn't have the right eyes for this pervert.

Backstrom and Valentine both have their own boogeymen. Valentine was taken advantage before someone took advantage of him. 

No. no not to him it is not. he means it. Belive it when i say when you are looked at with that much love..

Valentine got tatooes to cover up the cigarette burns. 

Backstrom and the team are on TV in a prayer circle.

You have never loved anything more than yourself. You will never have a wife, a child. Who is the outcast, who is the perv? Backstrom didn't convince me that he was a psychopath. 

Like i said in the begining, backstrom always wins no matter what he does. 

The resolution of the case is not going to distract me from the fact that the way the team handles the case is just annoying. 




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