Gene Confronts Barry
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Barry is thinking about his time in the military being a gunslinging hero while waiting outside of the monastery that Esther uses to recruit her Burmese mafia men.

Barry thinks it's a genius idea, but Noho Hank assures him it is not genius, it's an OK plan, and Esther's fat head couldn't have come up with it.

He also offers to Barry a bullet to lodge into that melon and requests Barry return with the bullet so he can have it for, I guess, posterity. Barry doesn't know how he'll dig it out of her head, but Hank has a plan for that, too. Shoot her with a fat book behind her fat head, and he can pull out the bullet when she's dead. It's so simple.

Barry wonders how he's supposed to get her to read a really thick book in anticipation of shooting her. Barry wonders if he's evil. Hank assures him he's the most evil guy he knows.

At class, the group seems to be acting out their personal experiences after Barry set such a good example about being down in the trenches and killing people for the first time.

Gene recognizes that Barry did it in with such vulnerability that it was hard for the others to adjust.

He wants to write their own play to put on before a paying audience using the same stuff.

Before she goes, Sally gets up to leave so she can go to her agent and see her new reel.

Gene is still somewhat in the dumps, but this time he looks at a photo of him with his kid.

Barry worries that he's going to have to tell the story in front of an audience. Oh, no, Gene says. That was only the beginning. Together they'll pull out a lot of other fucked up shit to make it an even better story.

Gene has a lot of tapes if Barry needs help. No, but yeah. Gene's still sending Natalie to the storage unit.

Sally's reel is pathetic. She's embarrassed. Afterward, someone takes her aside to tell her that good parts come with time and to hang in there.

Fuches is getting out of jail, but waiting for him is Detective Loach. Fuches would have rather stayed in jail.

The best he can come up with as a defense for his tooth being at the scene of a quadruple homicide is that a hooker extracted if for a trophy.

He balks when he sees Barry's picture. Is he a guy? He looks kind of gender liquid to him. Fuches might be the worst liar I've ever witnessed.

Loach suggests Barry might be a cop-killer. And all the air gets sucked out of the room.

Gene goes to see his son, Leo, at his fruit stand. What a coincidence!

Afterward, Gene sees things differently. He wants Barry to be true to himself onstage, and he pulls from Sally some introspection that nobody, especially Sally, imagined she was capable.

Barry is at the monastery. It's time to hunt Esther.

Like Villanelle, Barry is facing demons that are getting in the way of doing his job.

Fuches is waiting for Barry when he gets home. Did he kill a cop? They're both reasonably freaked.

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Barry Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Gene: OK. I know you were just a fetus, but is this close to your experience?
Natalie: From what I can remember, yes.

Barry: Am I evil?
Hank: Huh?
Barry: Am I like, an evil person?
Hank: Oh my God! I mean. Absolutely! Do I not tell you that enough? You are like the most evil guy I know, man!
Barry: You know, I take no pleasure in killing people. You know that, right?