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After Norma leaves, Norman freaks out and Dylan punches him, knocking him out.

Norma is crying and when the messages from Dylan keep pouring in, she pulls over and shoots the phone.

Romero is shopping and gets shot through the heart in the grocery story parking lot.

Norma is in Portland, shopping angrily for clothing.

Norman is certain Norma will never come back. Dylan tries to assure him it's not true, but he's adamant. Norman feels strange, like he's outside his body. Dylan thinks it's because he hit him and knocked him out and apologizes.

Emma stops by. Dylan explains what's going on. Emma offers to stay and sleep on the couch to help out. Dylan is visibly relieved at the offer for help, even though he's worried after her health.

Romero is worried only about Norma, but trying to reach her is fruitless. She's already being followed by Paris' thug.

Norma wants to trade in her car, like now. There is a little damage, but she doesn't care. She leaves with something far less classy than she went in with. She doesn't look much like the Norma Bates we've come to know and love.

Norma recalls sitting with Caleb under the porch, listening to their parents argue as Caleb assures her they're drunk and the fighting will stop soon.

Norman is having waking nightmares, and he's searching for Norma while her room crumbles around him.

Dylan checks in on Caleb. Norman never told her, but he finally did. She won't talk to him and he'll have to leave. Tears immediately spring to both of their eyes.

Norma goes to a country bar and finds Wade Kinsella, or Wilson Bethel, on the stool next to her. He notices she might cry and they dance together. They go out into his truck and he starts undoing his pants. She doesn't think so and he calls her a tease.

Norman works on a bird in the basement and imagines it comes alive, along with Junior the dog who "scares" the bird he's cutting open. He lays his head on the table and feels badly for the bird.

Dylan and Emma try to reach Norman, but he's locked inside his mind. Dylan doesn't want to call an ambulance. He knows they need to wait it out.

Norma, meanwhile, calls Professor James and asks if she can come over. She thinks she's having a breakdown.

Emma has a fit after they walk Norman up to his room. She needs Dylan to pound on her chest. He's afraid to hurt her, but she needs it done. It turns into an incredibly disgusting, but tender bonding moment for the two who want desperately to be a part of the family.

So that dude who has the big sob story about coming in from out of town at the behest of his father to be the Sheriff, Marcus, is working for Bob Paris and he threatens Romero. He wants to kill him, but thinks he'd be better off alive. Romero ends up killing him in his car and driving off with him while still in his hospital gown. WTF? As Nestor Carbonell called him on Twitter, Marcus the Carcass.

Norma shares Norman's issues with James and now I fear for his life. Once she tells him, Norma realizes he'd best forget what she told him, too. She cries and jumps into his arms. He promises it will be OK, but none of us think it will actually be OK.

He puts her into bed and she kisses him. He wants to be her therapist. He thinks she needs him. He could lose his license. She pulls him closer.

Dylan wakes up to see Norman in Norma's robe, acting as if he's mother. Dylan just acts as if everything is hunky dory. As Norman makes French toast, he tells Dylan to rush on upstairs and get his brother.

After a commercial break, Dylan goes into Norman's room and he's still asleep with Emma looking in on him. Caleb lays down next to his brother.

Norma decides she's going home to talk to Caleb because it's important to her boys and parenting is about more than yourself.

Chick drops by Caleb's giving him one last chance for the driving job. Caleb accepts, completely unaware of what the job entails. Chick says he'll tell him when it's necessary.

She gets home and asks the boys to wake up and storms over to see Caleb. He climbs out of the van and she's full of anger, but when she sees him, she breaks and he breaks down. He's so sorry. He's bawling and she is, as well. She cradles his head to her chest while Norman looks on, seething.


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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey, ya think it's OK to get a guy all worked up and then leave?! You're a freakin' mess lady!!

Not Wade

Norma, you need to come. Norman is losing it, OK. I don't know what to do with him. Mom, please.