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Dylan wakes up in front of a beer store. 

Someone is following Norma on the highway, too closely, honking. She gets them to pass, but she veers off the road and crashes in a muddy field complete with dairy cows. As she's trying to find her phone, the car comes back and the fellow asks if she's OK. He says she's lucky she's not dead, Norma Bates. Bob Paris wans to speak with her. Sheriff Romero can't save her, he says. They're not idiots and know what she has. Call Bob Paris soon.

Romero is in the bog, wondering where the girl must have been thrown up to wind up where she was. An older man saw a kid rowing a skiff saying he was bird watching in the rain. He didn't say anything because he didn't think much of it. Also, nobody asked.

Emma is with Dylan. Norman said he had to tell Mother about what he learned about Norma. When he gets the call about Norma from the hospital, Dylan rushes to her side and he learns Norman didn't tell Norma about Dylan at all.

Norma won't give up the flash drive because she wants money to treat Norman because he's getting worse by the day. 

Romero learns about the flash drive.

Caleb is looking at a photo of him and Norma as kids.

Norma is at school, waiting for the bus. James offers her a ride. He's going nowhere near where she lives and he's a community college teacher who teaches three 50 minute classes a week. He has nothing but time.

Caleb is crying in the woods, taking it out of a tree when Chick happens by. Chick wonders if he wants to hug it out. He offers him boar jerky. Caleb can't help but give in.

Chick offers Caleb a job as his driver. His last one fled to Puerto Rico. Who flees there? The job pays $25k. Is that per job or per year, because good is relative.

Norma decides to go to James as a patient even though he admits he's really attracted to her.

Norman is lurking around the house when Norma gets home. He recalls her wearing different clothing. He wonders if he talked to her. She says she thinks he had a blackout. He immediately starts to quiver.

Norman goes to Norma's wardrobe to find the dress in question. He smells it, holding it against himself and takes it to his room, hiding it under his mattress. Dinner's ready!

Gunner finds the flash drive and opens it. Dylan rushes to Norma. He's very worried, more than ever. He thinks it's about money from the illegal sale of drugs. 

Romero finds Clay DuFont dead in his car.

Norma goes to Romero with news that she has the drive and tells him what's on it. She wants to play with the big boys and get something for all of the shit they've put her through in the crummy town. Then she tries to leave elegantly and cannot get out of his front door.

Norma wants an exit off of the highway, leading to main street near her hotel, billboards in both direction and a pool with a Jacuzzi and a safety fence. In return, she'll never ask anything ever again. He won't get the flash drive, but she won't do anything with it. Remarkably, he agrees.

Dylan lets Norman know he'll be sharing the Caleb news Norma and Norman is surprisingly sweet about it. He offers to help, realizing none of this is Dylan's fault. He said the sweetest things to Dylan.

When Norma arrives home, she wonders what's up with them as they sit in the kitchen. It's enough to make someone squirm. Dylan begins to tell his story and Norman hopes she'll let him finish. Dylan asks if she will let Caleb talk to her because she's tormented.

Norma doesn't say a word. She just gets up and begins packing. While Norman starts to self-combust at the thought of losing her, Dylan holds him back and Norma drives away.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh, and uh, the password to the WiFi is MOTHER, all caps.


You're telling me two people are lying in the morgue and the town is now better for it?