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Romero calls Norma to identify the body found in the Tidal Flats, and she's almost certain, given the toe nail polish, but after practically crawling up on the dead girl's face, Norma realizes it's not Annika.

Norman is still wondering where Annika is but a visibly annoyed Norma is done worrying about it because she starts business school today. Once at school, she discovers from a freak she's in a guys seat. The freak happens to be in her teacher. Except she's in the wrong class. Then she tries to sneak out because she's in psychology instead of marketing. "Are you sure you don't think psychology might be a good idea," he asks.

A hot girl is getting dressed up in the mirror. Nope, it's not Annika, it's Emma, who arrives at the motel as Annika's car is being towed away. Norman appreciates her appearance when she arrives.

The fellow who was watching the sex inside the Arcanum Club visits with Romero. His name is Bob. He's running against Romero for Sheriff. Romero says he's not there to pass judgment on his sex parties. They toss jabs back and forth about which is worse, sex parties or letting the town's pot fields go up in smoke bringing in the DEA. Morality is murky, to say the least.

Caleb offers Dylan money for better wood to pay for a roof that will last, but Dylan turns it down.

Romero shows up at the house wanting to speak to Norman about the body, in the hopes that he might know something about her through Annika. Norma wants to sit in on the questioning, but he owns the moment and sends her into the kitchen.

The conversation that ensued was both hilarious and informative. Norman wants to be a man about town, but also a helpful. He also wants to prove he's not a mama's boy.

After Romero leaves, Norma and Norman have an argument. Norman wants to know what kind of party talk it was to tell Romero her son was the last to see Annika alive. 

A delivery arrives at Bates Motel for Dylan of 99 seedlings. Either Emma receives it or they go back. So Emma takes them in her little bug and delivers them to the mountain. Dylan is surprised to see her. He has a really bad cold. She notices how gorgeous the land is and that Caleb is up there. She introduces herself. Dylan introduces him as Uncle Caleb. Things get a bit weird for a bit and Emma asks about Caleb. Dylan asks that she keeps it from Norma. She promises.

At school, Norman runs into the psychology professor and he apologizes for being a dick. First day jitters forced him to be passive aggressive and she didn't deserve that. He offers her therapy. He has a theory that people with crappy upbringings can sense it in other people, and offers to talk to her about it, as another simpatico person.

A dude named Marcus visits Romero. He's interested in being Sheriff. As a matter of fact, he's running against Romero. His daddy has a lot of friends in the town and they suggested he make the play. Romero says he's not moving on, so he hopes he hasn't sold his house in Missouri. He makes a note of the homicides before a leaves. He's going to be a problem. 

Dylan gets back to the mountain to discover a delivery of lumber. He's not pleased when Caleb plays dumb about how it arrived. Caleb just wanted to give him something and asks to please just let it be. 

Norman opens up to Emma about Norma. He doesn't think she trust him and although she makes made him manager, she's micro-managing him. He feels outside of her, as if he can do nothing right. Emma agrees she can be controlling, not with her, but with Norman. Norman thinks Norma thinks he's bad. Norman breaks down. When someone looks at you as if you've done something wrong 24 hours a day, you begin to think you have done something wrong. He can't stop it. It's her!

Back at the house, he rails on Norma. He was willing to take full responsibility for the death of Miss Watson, but she wouldn't let him. And now she's talking to other people behind his back, treating him like he killed this girl. When she says she doesn't think he killed anyone, he screams not to like to him. He sends her away and goes into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, he sees a vision of Norma. He tells her he can't remember anything of the night with Annika. Norma reminds him that when he was trapped in the box, he remembered everything that happened with Miss Watson. In the box, Norma told him she killed Miss Watson. She suggests he get in the tub and recreate the feeling of being trapped in the box so he can remember how he killed Annika.

He envisions a lot, much of it is confused with taxidermy slices and Norma bashing someone over the head. Norma finds him drowning in the bathtub. After she tucks Norman into bed, she goes into the motel office to freak out. Just then, a car pulls up, Annika steps out and gives to Norma something, saying it's important and to use it for her and her son. Norma calls 911 and looks into her hand. She has a flash drive.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Sorry, I just wanna feel normal right now. It's not our fault. OK, it's sad, it's messy, but it's just not our fault. Stay out of it.


Norman: What happened?
Norma: I threw up on myself in the car. You ever smell the inside of a morgue? It's nauseating.