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Norman wakes up to sirens. Romero is one of the last to the scene. Apparently Norma passed out, she rushed to Romero when he walks in to assure him Norman wasn't anywhere near when Annika arrived. Norman wonders, "Did I do it?

Dylan arrives and Norma asks him to take Norman into the house. When Romero later questions Norma, he can't wrap his head around why Annika would be shot and then drive all the way back to the motel.

Norman doesn't remember the incident with the bath. Dylan stays with him while Norma tries to access the files on the drive using all kinds of passwords, including "sexcrazed."

Norman wonders if Annika came back to talk to him, since he was the only one who ever talked to her about anything important, such as what a good mother Norma is and how hard she's trying.

Norman wonders if Norma still likes him, and he uses Dylan's living in the house as his catalyst. She doesn't think anything is different or ever will be.

Norma goes to some dude at a coffee shop to try to get his help with the password, but he seems a bit skeptical it really belongs to her mother as the encryption is good.

The car Annika drove to the motel was registered to the girl floating face down in the tidal marsh.

Caleb sees Norma when he's in town and hides in the car. He seems to really care for her. 

Emma and Norman are studying and thinking of taking a day off when he sees Norma walk in, prompting him to drag Emma into a passionate kiss. It's...odd.

At school, Norma runs into her professor friend, James, and they talk about Norman. She tells him she doesn't trust him anymore and cries.

When Norma gets home, Romero is looking through Annika's room. Inside, Norman is making a lunch for the next day when he and Emma are going to go on a picnic. He's once again trying to make Norma jealous. She's worried that he will sleep with her and hurt her. The two part angrily.

Later, Norma shares with Dylan what she found on Annika. Dylan seems pleased that she's trusting him over Norman, and doesn't want her to tell anyone else. In the hallway, Norman is listening and he hears her say she won't be telling Norman.

Emma and Norman find a cabin on their hike and intend to make a fire.

Another "party girl" meets with Romero about Annika and Lindsay. Apparently Annika took the girl's place in a three-way.

Things don't go well with Emma and Norman when he brings up Norma's caution about having sex.

Dylan gets to the cabin and is angry at Caleb for going into to town. What if Norma had spotted him? He learns a bit more about Caleb and his feelings for Norma.

When Dylan gets home, there are two men in the motel office looking for something. Dylan draws on them, but they draw on him. They essentially say he can't always be there to watch over the house on the hill and leave. 

Dylan wants to call Romero, but Norma isn't having it. As they argue over it, Norman swaggers in. He was distracted by the secretive, agitated whispering. He slams the door on his way out. Norma wants to keep it in case it's something incredible. Dylan agrees to keep it on the farm. As he worries over her, his expression almost mirrors that of Calebs. Spooky.

Norman tries to find out what's going on by sneaking up on Dylan on his way out. He follows Dylan back up to the farm (which I so want to call a cabin). I keep hearing "No one here gets out alive" in my head. Dylan puts the flash drive in the lights timer. Caleb wonders why he's still there. 

When he goes outside, Norman is there, accusing him of harboring her rapist. He can't wait to go tell Norma what Dylan is doing and Dylan wants him to hold back so he doesn't destroy everything he's built with her. Norman says it's too late, he already destroyed it.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

James: I never took you for a computer nerd.
Norma: I'm not. I'm just lookin' at stuff, killin' time.
James: In the computer code section. You just get more and more interesting.

Chaos seems to swirl around you, but I'm not sure why and I want to believe you're telling me everything you know, but none of this makes any sense. Why would this girl, after she's been shot, make the effort to drive here? Why?