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Norman wants to call the Sheriff, but Mother and Chick beg to differ about Norman's thoughts that there is nothing to hide. Chick tries to suggest without words what might be found in the basement, but Mother comes in with her perspective.

Romero is OK, still talking anyway. He's trying to talk himself out of being shot again.

He tells the girl he won't say anything if she won't, but run on inside and get a first aid kit. Romero takes his wounded self and sprints across the gloomy field.

Chick gives Caleb a full on Vikings funeral. 

We meet the new sheriff when she gets a call from the DA. It's urgent.

At the house, Norman is tossing Mother's dresses and arguing with her as Sheriff Green arrives. Jim what's his name was released at the same point Romero escaped. They're both missing. Blackwell had the motel address with his things.

This is exactly what Norman means about Mother making decisions without consulting him. He doesn't think she has his best interests at heart at all.

Norman takes Mother's clothes to Madelyn.

When he gets home, he tells Chick he can no longer live with them. Bringing one more person into things with them isn't a good idea. Sure, Mother likes him, and so does Norman, but he just can't live there anymore. Maybe he can drop by sometime. Tomorrow, the next night? All nos to Chick. He's not pleased.

Romero needs help, but he needs it sneakily. He calls an ambulance so it will go inside an apartment building, and he can raid it in the meantime. 

Romero is pulling out pieces of shot from his gut, but it looks like the girl shot from a lot farther away than she did. 

Norman is looking closing up the motel when Sheriff Green shows up to check the registry for Jim Blackwell. 

Norman isn't a good criminal at all. He starts to fall apart right after he reveals to the sheriff he knows more about Blackwell than he's letting on. He mumbles and stumbles and can't get his words out.

Sheriff Green leaves, but before she does she gives him Jim's license plate number.

Norman runs to the house to ask Norma about Blackwell's car. He wants to go to the car to get rid of the car. She's not happy.

They go into the woods to find the car. She tells him everything she did to the car. Norma really doesn't care about the car. They argue. Norma gets out of control and Norman shuts her up. He kills her again. Then she wakes up. She had those dead eyes and it freaked him out.

They leave the woods.

Madelyn calls Norman to tell him his mother's dresses fits her perfectly. She gets a cool vibe off the dresses. Like....whatever. Then she invites him over for dinner. Not a good idea. Her hubby is out of town. They make a date.

Norman goes to Chick's trailer. Chick tells him he's working on a suspense novel.  Norman wants to know if Chick knows how to hotwire a car and how to get rid of a car. Chick wants to know what Norman did to want to get rid of a car.

Of course Chick knows a guy and a place to take care of the car but he won't give it up unless Norman tells him what she did. Norman blames it on Norma that she's out of control.

Chick wants to help, but Norman is unsure. He leaves. 

At home, Norman wants to talk to Norma. He tells her he's going to Marilyn's house for dinner. She doesn't like the idea of it, but he's going to go anyway.

Norman tells Norma she doesn't want her to interfere with his date with Marilyn. Wrestling with his conscience. Interesting.

Norman shows up at Marilyn's place with flowers. She has on one of Norma's dresses. They have dinner.  She asks him if he wants to make a cake with her then watch a movie and eat cake.

Norma is not going to like this at all.

Alex goes to a friends house. She lets him in. She has to help him in.

Norman is drinking wine while watching Marilyn put ingredients in the mixer. It's very close and flirty in that kitchen.

They kiss. It's very romantic. And of course Mother shows up. He has flashes of killing Marilyn, but instead he leaves. Stupid Norma!

He charges into the house, but can't find her anywhere. It's almost as if e realizes that she is indeed dead. Or maybe in her hunt for Norma she finally just took over. Because that ending look was CRAZY!



Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Sheriff Green: Hello, Norman. Pretty night, isn't it?
Norman: Oh yes, Sheriff. Isn't it just?

Mother: What the hell crawled into your pants?
Norman: I don't like how things are.
Mother: Mmm hmm. Well, neither does anyone in all of God's creation. We are a species of complainers. What makes today so special?
Norman: Because nothing ever happens the way that I think it should, Mother!
Mother: Mmmm.