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Norman is standing by the tub with the knife in his hand. Norma comes in with cleaning supplies. 

Norman and Norma are driving. One headlight is out. They drive into the woods to dispose of the Sam Loomis' body. There's police activity. They get out of the car to investigate. The police are pulling bodies out of the lake. Norman barfs. They go back to the car and talk about the bodies in the lake and the things they have to do back at the motel.

They go to the woods and dump Sam's body in a well. Norman is having problems with the fact he killed someone. He's being all sensitive about it while Norma is being matter of fact.

They dump the car and walk home. The sheriff shows up and tells him they found multiple bodies and that one was Jim Blackwell's. The sheriff is suspicious. She knows there's something wrong with Norman and that he's lying and being strange about stuff.

Romero wakes up after three days. His friend brings him breakfast in bed. He eats like he hasn't eaten in three days. 

Norman is in the house and getting a wheelchair when Norma comes in. He going to get rid of Norma's body. he doesn't want her to help. He goes into the freezer, removes her and brings her to the woods and buries her.

Dylan shows up at the motel. Norman pulls up. They go into the house and Norman makes Dylan something to eat. They talk about Norma. Norman just wants to go to sleep afterward. Mother shows up. Dylan goes into Norma's bedroom and breaks down crying when he sees her robe.

Romero is digging through his friend's  house looking for the gun when she comes in and asks him. She tells him she's not going to give him the gun.

Norman wakes up to see Norma next to him. She tells him they need to get rid of Dylan.  Dylan is at the drug store trying to get Norman's prescription refilled but can't because Dr. Edwards went missing over a year ago and is presumed dead. He tells the doctor he's worried about what Norman will do if he doesn't take his meds. 

When he gets home he runs into Madeline who tells him Sam is missing. Dylan sends her away. Dylan is putting the pieces together. Dylan also tells Madeline that Norman has mental issues. 

Dylan goes into the house and hears music. Norman is in kitchen making dinner. Dylan is asking too many questions about Sam Loomis. Dylan just tells him he wants to help him get better. Dylan pulls out the pills and asks Norman to take one. Norman starts talking to Mother and Mother shows up. He attacks Dylan and Norman tries to fight with Mother to not kill Dylan. He wins. 

Norman calls 911 to confess that he killed Sam Loomis. 

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I just killed someone, Mother.


You wanna play with the big kids, honey, you gotta act like the big kids. Let's clean this up.