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Romero and Norman are on the way to see Norma's body. Gina is crying, afraid that Romero is going to kill her. Romero has her get out of the car and just start walking. It's just Romero and Norman now. They begin driving again.

Greene is watching video of Romero kidnapping Norman. Dylan shows up and she tells him what's going on.

Dylan is freaked out. He thinks Romero is going to kill Norman. Dylan threatens Greene.

Norman becomes Norma and freaks Romero out. They get out of the car to find his mother. Romero is not being nice. Romero uncovers Norma's body. Romero starts beating up Norman. He goes back to Norma's grave then Norman gets up and kills Romero.

Norma shows up trying to soothe Norman. She tells him she's leaving him because he doesn't need her protection anymore. Now he's all alone.

Norman is in bed at home. He's telling Norma he dreamed she died. He gets up and no one is there. he runs downstairs and she's there making breakfast.  He is having a dream. He's laying on the snow, injured and bleeding, and dreaming about his mother. He's remembering things from the past.

He's completely out of it. he doesn't realize what he's doing or where he is. He's in the car driving and imagining. He has Norma's dead body in the backseat of the car.

He arrives at the motel and takes her body inside the house.

An old friend, Remo,  visits Dylan at the lake and gives him a gun. 

Gina is brought into the police station.

Dead Norma is in her bed. Norman goes down to the motel. He takes down all the police do not cross tape and goes into the office.

He rings the bell. What a nice touch. He puts the open sign on when a family shows up looking for a room. Norman gives them a room,

Dylan goes into a bar and gets a shot. A woman starts flirting with him. His phone starts ringing. It's Norman who tells him they are at the new house with Norma and that he misses him. 

Norman has totally regressed. Dylan tells him he'll be over soon.

Norman puts on a record and sets the table. He's brought out the China. He dresses mother in her finest. Dylan comes home. He calls Emma to tell her what's going on. Dylan notices the family's car. He goes to their room and tells them to leave.

He walks up to the house. Norman lets him in. He gives him a hug like he hasn't seen him in ages. Dylan goes into the house. He sees the dead Norma and barfs. 

Dylan and Norman have an argument about the reality of the situation. Dylan shoots Norman. Norman imagines he sees his mother welcoming him to the afterlife. He dies.

The police are removing the bodies from the house. The cops find Romero.A new family comes to buy to Bates Motel. Emma is walking with her daughter. Dylan is there. It's a happy ending for Dylan, Emma and Katie.







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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a dick. I just had a real bad day.


You killed your mother. You're going to have to live with that.