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Milt, Russ and Font are giving a presentation at an elementary school and while Milt is in front of the class, all the kids write I love Milt in their notebooks. When Russ and Font get up, they couldn't care less. Of course, Milt appeared to be talking about werewolves or something.

For some reason, Font took a dog to the school day, after the presentation he took off and attacked a little girl. She had a brick of heroin in her backpack.

Milt wants to wait for her parents to question her, while Milt isn't all that interested because he thinks her parents are probably using her as a drug mule, knowing she'll only get a year in juvie.

Somehow the parents convince the cops they'll sue for a dog attack and say the police planted the evidence to keep the dog attack covered up. Milt thinks a dealer just chucked $100k worth of drugs in the street. Russ thinks he's nuts.

Holly decides a god way to get into the parents' house is to send in social services. The social service lady thinks the parents are great because of what the girl does at school. While Russ and her look around, Milt talks to the parents and examines their family photos. While Russ is breaking into the family's stash of vintage baseball cards, Milt discovers they know a family member: Joey Farraro, a Battle Creek cop.

Russ jumps on the heroin bandwagon when he realizes Joey didn't invite him to the barbeque.

Jump to the conference Erin is attending. Recognizing the facial tic as a determining factor in profiling, she's hones in on Milt's former boss to try to get some scoop on him. He says Milt was one of the best agents he ever worked with and he hated to see him go. He tics.

Russ cannot drop the fact he didn't receive a barbeque invitation.

Erin realizes she's right in her assessment Russ is only trying to bring Milt down because he's worried about how he looks as opposed to Milt in Holly's eyes.

Milt and Russ go back to the little girl's house and try to get answers. The parents can't even get her to speak she's so frightened. Russ wishes they could go at her harder, and then realizes everyone isn't a little girl. They go after the Dominican.

Suddenly Milt and Russ are at the door of what must be a drug lord and his wife. Flash to a celebratory party and one more drug dealer off the street. Russ apologizes for suspecting Ferraro. Ferraro apologizes for not inviting him to the barbeque.

Erin tries to trip up Milt into saying he slept with his bosses wife, and he doesn't tic. She just doesn't know he probably never tics. 

The party is over, because the heroin isn't a match. Wrong bad guys!

Russ takes the little girl and her parents to show them a dead body. He blames the death on her. When she says she can't, in tears, Russ calls her on it. He says since she won't, he can't help her anymore and has her arrested. 

Once again, Holly has a breakthrough moment about the case. The drug dealers are on the same corners, they just change their names. She heads into evidence with some vinegar and begins experimenting. She realizes it is Ferraro. The heroin was switched out with baking soda.

The Commander says he's still on the force and he thinks he's being given a second chance, although he doesn't directly admit to it. He apologizes to his niece. He's bugged. 

Russ goes directly to Milt's old boss and learns the truth is worse for him than everyone thinking he banged his wife. It was actually worse than an affair, as after Milt took a couple bullets to the vest, they both got commendations and dude read his wife's diary and learned every time she had sex with her husband she pictured Milt. He tells Russ never to take a potential girlfriend around Milt.


Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Milt: Look, I'm not even certain we should be focusing on the parents.
Russ: Perhaps we should be focusing on the education system, society at large.

Joey: You think I'm dealin' heroin?
Milt: I think a kilo is a bit much to keep on hand if you're just using.