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The 911 dispatcher is now sending calls to Milt after meeting him at a barbeque.

Milt doesn't know if a murder victim was stabbed to death. Russ suggests perhaps the victim died of a heart attack and was given CPR with knives. 

Russ is still asking why Milt is in Battle Creek. He thinks someone must really hate him.

There was a dog at the murder scene. Find the dog, find the killer.

Russ is offended that Milt in bringing in a specialist dog when they have a perfectly good dog at Battle Creek (as we saw last week) in Cookie, and they have a dog off.

Russ does a big jump off of a trampoline in an effort to get the yellow lab he thinks is at the heart of the case, only to find the dog sitting by his lonesome at a burger joint. Russ claims Cookie found him first.

Russ starts talking about his parents with Milt. He never saw his dad happier than he did after he left. He tried the "we're all human and make mistakes" rigmarole in order to get Milt to open up. Didn't work and Milt thanks Russ for opening up.

Inside the burger joint, Milt thinks they need the staff to do the pet test with the dog. They just need to reunite the dog with the owner, who is a small boy in the bathroom. The kid was in the bathroom throwing up. He saw her dead body and can't stop puking. The lady was his mom.

The kid's mom wasn't a great lady and had a Tuesday visitor who wasn't there. He thought his mom was a waitress, but she was a prostitute, apparently. 

Russ is angry at Milt for dissing his deeply personal story, but Milt counters with it being false. He looked into Russ and knows he never knew his father.

At an AA meeting, the boy finds Tuesday guy. It's the dude who runs the AA meeting. Russ never has the right instincts anymore. They all gather at his house only to learn he died of a heart attack two days ago.

Milt thinks Tuesday was poisoned. The coroner poo poos him and then after Russ decides the old man was the real kill and the prostitute collateral damage, says it was poison. They head to his house to look for poison in the house. Tuesday wasn't the most well liked of employers.

Tuesday wasn't murdered, if the autopsy is any indication. Heart attack only. They try to figure out what else it could be.

Holly leaves work early for the third time this week and Milt realizes Russ is jealous. He won't do anything about it because dating her would be dangerous and unprofessional.

After Milt tells Russ why he doesn't question why he's in Battle Creek (because Russ admitted to loving Holly, something Russ denies, after all, they're not even sleeping together. Hey, Milt says, I'm not sleeping with my mother and I love her), Russ realizes something regarding Tuesday.

The kids read the will. Tuesday had another child. The prostitute. 

As soon as the sister said, "Can you prove that," I shook my head. Russ and Milt did their best to get each to confess. They weren't ready to confess to each other, so Russ took them into a room together. Russ then tries to use the "FBI has all the technology in the world to find you" business and they leave. 

Russ wanted them to burn their clothes because they were too arrogant to do it earlier, because what jury would think throwing their clothes into a roaring fire was anything other than an admission of guilt.

Holly has been going to interviews. She's been going to interviews. She applied to law school and took the lsats. She wonders why he took a look at Milt's FBI record. Because he joined in 2003, two years after 9/11. Turns out he's a better liar then Russ and probably more interesting than he thought. Then Russ realizes there are no law schools in Battle Creek.

Russ and Milt share with the boy and his aunt the news about his grandfather. The boy stands to clear $42 million as the sole legal heir of Tuesday's estate. Yet, when they leave, Milt is surprised to hear Russ say he thinks it's an unhappy ending. Russ says yeah. If anything, they learned from this case that money corrupts. Also, he's walking into the sunset with Milt, so...

Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Milt: I know you're worried about Holly, but I'm sure everything's...
Russ: Stop talkin' right there.
Milt: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to reassure you.
Russ: Reassure me? So as this is not a professional conversation, we don't need to be having it.
Milt: You're hurt?
Russ: I opened up to you because you kept jabbering on about trust and I thought, for a brief moment, that you meant it. That you were right, people work work together, they should trust each other. You know, they shouldn't have secrets, so then I told you a deeply personal story and I get nothing.
Milt: I'm sorry that I didn't reciprocate. It's just that you told me a deeply personal fictional story and I couldn't come up with something fast enough.

So the owner is out front waiting patiently to find out whether he's a murderer?