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In the Batcave, Ryan writes a journal entry to Kate. On Coryana, in a cell, Alice writes a letter to Kate too.

Mary arrives as Ryan is about to inject herself with cortisone and adrenaline. Ryan asks where Luke is.

Luke gives Sophie the info on the tracker they placed on Alice. She guesses that he's working with Batwoman. He explains that Batwoman is dying and needs the Desert Rose.

A Crow brings info that Ocean boarded a flight to Rome.

Team Batwoman watches Sophie's body cam feed as she and Jacob prepare to leave for Coryana. A group of thugs attack them and abduct Jacob and Sophie, leaving the body cam behind.

Ryan injects the cortisone and adrenaline and prepares to leave for Coryana.

As Luke preps Ryan, she asks what happens if she brings Kate back and she survives. Two Batwomen would be confusing. Ryan gives Mary her plant.

Luke gets Batwoman aboard a flight going over the Mediterranean and then tells her she has to make a HALO jump to land on Coryana.

On Coryana, Safiyah inspects the corpse Alice brought her. She lets Alice know there was a tracker on her boot

Jacob and Sophie wake up in a cell. Tatiana greets them.

After hesitating, Batwoman jumps and lands on Coryana, setting off an EMP.

Tatiana offers Sophie a position in Safiyah's army. While she talks, Sophie realizes her electromagnetic cuffs have deactivated and attacks Tatiana.

Sophie and Jacob escape.

Ryan's coms go offline just before she is surrounded by Coryana minions and starts a fight.

Safiyah psychoanalyzes Alice and her desire to kill Kate. She's about to take Alice to Kate when Batwoman is brought in bound and captive. As she's dragged away, she reveals that the corpse isn't Ocean. Safiyah unmasks the body. She sends Alice to be held with "the bat".

Sophie and Jacob wander the woods. Sophie argues that the Crows are problematic.

Alice ends up in a cell with Batwoman. She realizes Ryan is dying and Ryan tells her she placed the tracker on her boot.

Batwoman psychoanalyzes Alice, figuring out that she was victimized too.

Safiyah enters offers Kate to Alice and gives Ryan a choice of rewards for her intel about Ocean. Ryan asks for Desert Rose and Kate but Safiyah makes her choose. Ryan chooses the Desert Rose.

Safiyah brings the real Ocean to Alice for her to kill him. Safiyah offers her the choice of Ocean or Kate.

At Wayne Towers, Mary and Luke are attacked by a Coryana assassin. Mary manages to knock her out with a crystal decanter.

Safiyah believes that Ocean framed her for Kate's plane exploding. Alice stabs him.

Just as Mary and Luke are about to run away with Ryan's plant which is covered in the assassin's blood, Julia arrives and dispatches the assassin for good.

Tatiana visits Batwoman. Julia chats with Mary and Luke.

Alice enters the cell to find a roomful of garnet necklaces. Safiyah confesses that she never had Kate.

Julia reveals that body parts were found in the extensive crash investigation and the DNA matched Kate's. Kate is definitely dead.

Sophie and Jacob find a plane in the woods.

Tatiana is shocked when Safiyah removes the knife from Ocean's heart and he revives. Safiyah confronts Tatiana with the fact that Tatiana was the one who killed Alice's gang and sent her the note about blowing up Kate's plane. Tatiana insists she did it to get Alice out of Safiyah's heart once and for all.

Safiyah stabs Tatiana.

Alice overpowers her guards and kills them. She throws a brazier into the Desert Rose field and the ammonium nitrate used as fertilizer quickly ignites.

Sophie finds Batwoman lying on a hill above the burning field. She tells Sophie that Safiyah lied about Kate being on the island. Ryan prepares to die.

Mary realizes Ryan's plant is a desert rose, now blooming because of the blood that was poured on it.

Luke calls Sophie and tells her to get Batwoman back to Gotham for her cure.

In the sewers under Gotham, a masked body wearing Kate's necklace lies unnoticed.

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