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Bishop and Aidan try to show the elders the new way they live in Boston. They don't take well to change and set about killing all of the girls supplied for their feeding. However, the girls were drugged with Juniper so Bishop could kill them all later.

Bishop says he, Aidan and Marcus will die because there is a traitor among them who has shared all of their secrets with the Dutch. Marcus has been feeding information to the Dutch.

Nora tells Josh she is pregnant with his baby. They choose to decide what to do together.

Unfortunately for the viewer, Danny and Bridget show up; with an exorcist in tow. The exorcism begins to work and she momentarily disappears into a puff of steam.

Sally takes over the exorcist and in the end Danny is left in the cold.

Bishop's plan to kill all of the elders is stopped by Aidan and Rebecca, as an unlikely team. Rebecca then asks Aidan to kill her before they catch up with her for killing Marcus. He does.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

So greedy. And they think we're uncivilized.


Edler Vampire 1: They're not chained.
Elder Vampire 2: Were they compelled?
Bishop: There's no need. They're here by choice. Some because they hope to be diners some day and some, they have issues.