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Sally is damaged after the exorcism, and only attempting to slit his throat brings her back to "life."

Josh and Aidan try to cope with Sally's changes and the possibility that Bishop will kill them at any moment.

We learn who Celine is! After all the years apart, when Aidan learns she is dying he offers to turn her. She refuses the offer, but he finally gets closure on his relationship with her.

Nora is concerned about her pregnancy. High HCG levels indicate a possible problem and she seems to be moving through pregnancy at an accelerated rate. They find out the baby, although growing rapidly, is healthy.

Sally's haunting ends her journey with Danny. Her door finally appears.

As Sally contemplates going through her door, Bishop jumps through the window and stakes Aidan. Aidan bleeds, and doesn't turn to dust. The door remains.


Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Josh: She looks like the Grudge.
Aidan: I know she looks a little rough.
Josh: Rough? If we video taped Sally right now and showed somebody, they'd be dead in three days.
Aidan: She's needs exercise, she's weak
Josh: She looks like she's going to eat our entrails, Aidan.
Aidan: It's only been a few days, she needs time to heal. She'll be back.
Josh: As what?!

Josh: Aw. You know, I feel really awkward walking around with a bunch of stakes under my jacket.
Aidan: You'll feel a lot less awkward when some vampire's ripping into your face.
Josh: Yesterday, one fell out and I had to explain to a room full of nurses that I was whittling. That I had taken up whittling.