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Strictly bullet points this week, read the review for more insight!

  • Ray turned Josh two years ago, and has been looking for him ever since
  • Sally didn’t just die by accident, she was killed by Danny
  • There is new priest at the hospital recruiting vampires at the bequest of Bishop
  • Josh decides how he wants to deal with Ray, and says goodbye
  • Sally decides how she wants to deal with Danny, and uses her ghostly abilities to put the fear of God into him
  • Aidan decides that a priest with no fear of God shouldn’t be a vampire, and takes matters with him into his own hands; and what capable hands they are
  • Josh cooks a family dinner for Sally and Aidan; perhaps there are happy times ahead
Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Your wolf. It has a taste for vampires. Muzzle your dog, Aidan.


Aidan: So you think that God wanted you to become a vampire.
Priest: Well, if God made everything, then he made vampires, too. Jesus himself rose from the dead.
Aidan: Oh, are you saying that Jesus was a ...
Priest: Gets you thinking, doesn't it?