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Josh walks into the woods, and takes off his clothes. Aidan is on a date. As Josh turned into a werewolf, Aidan fights his desire to do other than sexual things to his date.

Josh awakes naked next to a dead dear, grabs some clothes from a nearby clothesline and walks home in a dress.

Aidan sits in the car and relives the end of his date. He has a friend at the mortuary, Marcus, who helps him when the situation warrants.
They go to their jobs as nurses, and discuss getting an apartment together to try to help each other be normal people.

They run into a visiting nurse, filling in for Rebecca who didn't show. She was Aidan's date the night previous night.

Aidan sees the mortuary man who is “recruiting” for Bishop right out of the hospital beds. People of influence are on the menu for recruitment. The heirarchy is Bishop and then the mortuary man, and Aidan and Bishop have a past.

Josh and Aidan seriously discuss the prospect of living together to try to be normal. Josh can't do it like he has been, any more. They trade their bad points, laugh, and find the perfect apartment.

They find out an engaged couple lived in the house, and she died in there. The fiance throws in the furniture, no credit check and will fix it up on weekends. They move in.

They meet Sally, who is completely excited to have others in the house. Especially those who can hear and interact with her. She doesn't remember how she died.

Aidan asks Josh to please give Sally time to find her way, so they can all live together and try to be human.

Aidan has searched the hospital and found a place, deep in the recesses of the hospital where Josh can change without going out and killing.

After working on a patient, Aidan fights visions of killing Rebecca. He runs into Cara who says she has been with the police all day while they re-canvass the area.

When Josh arrives home, Sally asks him to call Danny so she can try to move on. He's upset from seeing someone he knew at the hospital and just wants to be alone, but he can't because she is always there. They end in an argument.

Bishop shows up as a police officer. Aidan asks for a personal favor in making it go away. Bishop tries to pull him back into the fold, although we don't know what that is as of yet.

Josh walks into a hospital room to a female patient and another woman kissing. Emily is his sister. For two years, he has been missing to his family and friends. He asks her to please keep his whereabouts a secret.

Aidan has a flashback to he and Bishop disrupting a wedding for a vampiric feast. He calls Rebecca's family and says she is dead.

When he gets home, Sally admits she can't leave because she's afraid if she does make it out the door, she may blow away and never come back. And then never see her fiance again.

Josh prepares to turn by going into the hospital basement. His sister follows. Once they reach the room, he begs for her to leave. He starts to change, and cannot get her to leave. He attempts to push her out the door, but instead they are both locked inside.

Bishop pulls up to Aidan in the street and tells him they know he killed the girl. Bishop tells Aidan things are about to change, and he wants him to be a part of it. Curiosity gets the better of him and he follows Bishop. Bishop brought him to feed.

As Bishop readies for a feed, Josh is trying to call him for help. When he doesn't answer, he calls the answering machine to try to get Sally to help, to try to leave, try to contact Aidan, anything so that he doesn't kill his sister. Josh's fingers contort and grow nails as the credits roll.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist - on the dark side?


We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that little mirror, all we do is spin our little lies.