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Nick and Stevie came back in their own bodies, and didn’t hitch a ride on Sally’s soul.
Aidan makes it out alive, calling Josh for help.
Josh, Nora, Sally and Aidan are together in the house.
Aidan is worried about Josh’s messing with the witch.
The father of Brynn and Connor (the purebred twins) seek out Nora.
Henry is alive and saves Aidan while buying baby blood.
While out on the town,
Sally has a brother named Robby.
Sally runs into a high school friend named Trent.
Henry has a girlfriend named Emma who has kept him alive with blood.
Josh decides to ask Nora to ask her to marry him.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

No, it's really me. Josh saddled up for me and sprung me out of limbo.


Stevie, you have no money. Nowhere to go. You're going to end up giving tuggers under the bridge for five hundred bucks a go.