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Sally meets a new love interest when she tries to contact a ghost.

Aidan and Henry continue to argue about getting clean blood.

Sally wants to go to Trent's memorial service to help him move on.

Josh helps Aidan find blood by scouring admitted patients for those that had the flu.

Sally tells Trent that she was a ghost.

Josh sees a teenager named Erin with a werewolf scratch in the ER.

Nora and Josh care for Erin and explain to her what's going to happen.

Henry gets the flu virus.

Josh makes up a care package for Erin.

Erin and Nora turn in the forest.

Henry leaves Aidan.

Trent goes through a door, and straight into the soup kitchen.

The witch kills Trent's ghost and eats his remains.




Being Human
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Being Human Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

It takes weeks chatting up losers for one clean pint!


Why would I want to hurt you? You're the closest link I have to Brynn. We're like kin.