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At the funeral home, Sally and Max become closer.

Aidan hallucinates.

Liam visits Josh and Nora.

Sally meets Max's dead mom.

Nora and Aidan clash over Kenny.

Liam asks Nora and Josh to kill Aidan.

Kenny accused Aidan of being a vampire.

Max's mom takes over Sally and quits the funeral home.

Sally almost exorcises Max's mom, but gives her a pass.

Aidan let's the cat out of the bag.


Being Human
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Being Human Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh, oh man, I am so sorry! Here I am showing you old balls and talking about massage, I mean this is work-place harassment! I am a harasser.


You know, we hear all about what time and gravity does to a woman's breasts, but nobody ever shines a light on what it does to a man's yam bag. It's a silent suffering.