Being Human Review: A Hit and a Near Miss

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"Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" was a really interesting episode. Not only was loony Liam back in town, but Sally was dealing with Max's dead mother and Aidan was feeding on bubble boy who was playing out his very own Fright Night fantasies from the hospital bubble.

Yeah, let's try to break that baby down!

Turning Against Aidan

Josh and Nora - I'm not even sure what the hell Liam was doing in the picture. Not the picture above, literally, but in the situation. We know Aidan killed Connor, but Liam doesn't know that. Liam is murdering vampires because it's "their time" and he must be afraid, deep down, that they might take over again. Did I miss when he became so informed on the life and times of Aidan? Did he do research or did he learn what he knows from miscellaneous vamps he's killed on the streets?

Not that I know much about werewolves after they turn because it's never been explored much on the series, but I never got the impression that deep discussions about friends and family were on the agenda after a full moon. So assuming Aidan's legend made its way to Liam, then he must be really interested in the entire foursome, especially after learning Josh killed his maker.

The risk Josh took in going to Liam to protect his family - a man with a gun versus a powerful werewolf - was either really stupid or incredibly smart. I don't know if Liam was playing with Josh by bringing Erin back to to he and Nora and planting her there to keep tabs on them or if he really meant it when he said Josh was very brave. I guess time will tell.

Sally - Our newly bodied ghost has wasted no time getting back into the swing of things, but that doesn't mean she isn't hitting every supernatural hurdle in the road. Her new boss, Max, is sweet, sexy and obviously very much into Sally. Unfortunately, his mother is dead and hanging around keeping every woman who doesn't meet her expectations far, far away. To date, nobody had been good enough for her Max, so you're right if you're guessing Sally who see's the dead was going to walk in and win her heart.

If mommy dearest really kept him a virgin all his life, Sally had a lot more restraint than I would have. When trying to exorcise her I would haven't have hesitated once I heard that. Of course, if she had any memory of the way she treated Max when embodied by mom, she would have gone through with it, too. That was rough. When 'Sally' was walking out on Max, I thought she was trying to make him hate her. It gave me the heebie jeebies to think that she was being possessed by his mom.

I really liked that Max gave her a second chance and they're going to try again. There has been some speculation that Sally and Aidan might start a little something this season, and I can only hope they don't got there. The dynamic will work best if the three remain the very best of friends.

Aidan - When he wasn't dodging the ghostly hallucinations of the two chicks he killed last season in the bedroom by draining them of blood or being thought of as prey by the local werewolf community, Aidan was starving. He had that wonderful plan to slowly dip into the clean well that was Kenny the bubbly boy, but there were a couple things he hadn't thought about.

One was the fact that he wasn't the only nurse in the hospital who would be taking blood and Kenny was used to blood being taken. His natural curiosity made him wonder why so much was needed all of a sudden and he complained to the wrong person, raising the eyebrow of a fellow nurse. Second was more of the same. Kenny was stuck in a bubble, watching TV all day long, most notably horror movies. Vampires make a lot of appearances in those movies and with the extra blood being taken he had an A-HA moment.

Aidan was a vampire!

It was really cute watching Kenny try to catch Aidan in the mirror, in the sunshine, eating garlic or looking at a lovely cross carved by monks. None of those things made a damn bit of difference to Aidan. The thing that bit Aidan in the ass was his own imagination. Right in the middle of a nightmare he was having after passing out at Kenny's bubble - that he killed his coworker - he awoke fanged out and with eyes black as pitch; just as Kenny himself awoke to see him.

Aidan can't very well kill bubble boy, so something fun ought to happen between them. The kid basically has nothing. It couldn't hurt Aidan to talk to him, but he might want to be a vampire himself. It's too bad they didn't meet five years previously when it was safe to be a vampire. The irony is that Aidan is basically a bubble vampire. Something will have to give.

Right now the two stories I'm most interested in dramatically are Aidan's and that of Nora and Josh. Sally is more fun than anything else until we start running into people from her past to feet the witch. I'm still blown away by Being Human Season 3 and the new creative direction it has taken. It could easily be 22 episodes long and I'd be on board for the entire run, glued to my set. What's your take? Sound off in the comments!

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth Review

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