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Aidan is close to death due to the virus.

Sally's rotting continues and she eats interesting meals to make help cure herself.

Nora meets a new werewolf, Pete, while she's changing.

Josh tells Nora he's been infected again.

Nora thanks Aidan for what he did with Liam.

Nick and Sally start craving human flesh.

Aidan beats the virus thanks to his "booster" from werewolf blood.

Sally decides not to fall down the slippery slope.

Aidan promised his wife he would not run from love if it found him again.

Josh finds his wolf.

Nick eats Zoe.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Sally: I ate a mouse.
Nick: Oh, thank God.
Sally: Not the reaction I was expecting.

May I ask what inspired you to ask one of our only "muggle" friends over during this particularly supernatural time?