Being Human Review: The Natural Order of Things

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Oh my God, was that one of the freakiest openers EVER on "Of Mice and Wolfmen?" With Sally brushing her teeth??!?

I almost shrieked when her toothbrush poked through her cheek. I was expecting her teeth to fall out . But that? That was so startling. I loved it!

I'll be honest, I'd rather she take to eating bratty kids than kitties and bunnies. Oh, shush. I know I'm not the only one who loves the fuzzy bunnies!

Nora & Josh

Thankfully, Nora was very understanding and forgiving once she found out what went down with Aidan and Liam. They had to do something to redeem her, and it wasn't very difficult at all. Meeting Pete in the woods was good for her and grounded her a bit, while also giving Josh a chance to reestablish a connection with his wolf.

The whole episode was about coming to terms with their places in the universe.

As Aidan was dying, again, his flashbacks to his wife Suzanna were rather beautiful. She reminded him, much as Nick did to Sally, that there are many animals that survive on prey. They are part of the natural order. Wouldn't it be cool as hell if vampires, werewolves, ghosts and zombies were all part of the natural order of things? Suzanna also told him never to run from love if he found it again, and it appears Kat may be the one for Aidan. Thank goodness they aren't going down the romantic path with he and Sally. Friends forever!

Aidan's best friend and his would-be killer were his saviors. Werewolf blood turned out to be the vaccine to the virus killing vampires. Because Aidan was once weak and turned to Josh for sustenance, he had a small immunity built up already. In using her own blood to try to kill Aidan with the virus, Erin evidently gave him the booster shot he needed to beat it.

What surprised me was Josh and Nora being okay with Aidan sharing the cure with Blake and the vampires, essentially putting their own species in jeopardy again. Granted, Aidan said they were off limits and nobody was to be killed, but Blake is hardly someone to be trusted. The two species have never gotten along, so entrusting such a young vampire with spreading the word seemed irresponsible. However, Aidan did look HOT as he strode up to her to give her the information. Hey - things like that are not lost on me!

Josh finding his wolf made me tear up. Was that really his wolf, or was he only hoping he would look like that? When they've shown them change, they've always been rather large, awkward creatures. Perhaps that's only the stage between the human to wolf transition. I hope so, because the wolf he found during his meditation was exactly what I would want Josh to be when he turned.

While everyone else was finding peace with their inner selves, Sally made the choice not to embrace her flesh-eating zombie. Once she felt the urge to eat the boy, she realized what a slippery slope she would be stepping onto if she started eating live flesh to ward off death again. I'm sure it sounds easy to her to just stop eating, start rotting and die, but we know it won't come up roses. Something is bound to happen that will either change her mind or...she'll die and become a ghost again.

At the very least, when she finds out what happened to Zoe, she'll know that slope was even more slick than she imagined. I wonder if they'll take out Nick to keep him from eating others raw. He'd have to place an ad on CraigsList or something since he's afraid to go outside. It's only a matter of time before the neighbors suspect something very wrong is gong on in his world.

So things are slowly making their way back to the natural order of Being Human. Aidan is a powerful vampire, Josh is a werewolf and Nora his loving companion. Sally might be slip sliding her way back to ghost territory and then all will be right with the world. Until the writers come up with some even more insane plot lines to dangle in front of us. And you know what? I'll bite!

Of Mice and Wolfmen Review

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