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Daniel is working an operation with Esther. Their plan includes staging a (formerly) naked body to look like a murder or suicide.

He enlists two others to help him get rid of the body. He says he got overzealous when a deal went bad and shot the guy in the head. Oh, he's taking the rap. Interesting.

At the station, BB Yates is giving everyone a briefing while concurrently Katerina Gerhardt is holding an election rally. Yates says Gerhardt and Ganz are in league to swing the election by a significant victory. They plan on doing so violently. Otto Ganz and his daughter are the two who helped Daniel dispose of the body.

Yates is called the Station Whisperer. She was brought in to get the station a win. 

Richard wants the station to stay out of the way of everything when it comes to the president. Yates plays along and allows Robert to think she's going along with Richard's demands. Yates has no desire to do so.

Daniel wakes up as a bit of a hostage. He's deeply undercover and now a part of the Ganz team. He's in with Ganz's daughter.

Richard and Steven Frost have a chat about the new regime with BB Yates and Robert. Richard wants Steven to keep his job and work in a super private intelligence group. Maybe spying on Berlin Station? 

Lena Ganz returns and finds Daniel is still there. They leave to create some havoc out in the city. When one of Lena's friends pulls out a knife while nearing some Muslim women, Daniel pulls a teenage moment, trashing the store but keeping the woman and her child safe.

Yates is pulling in April and Valerie on a super risky operation. Valerie hesitates because of her full schedule, but BB is adamant. 

Daniel makes contact with Robert. He needs assault rifles and ammunition to impress Lena. Esther can't believe anybody wants to provide that to the alt-right, but Robert says it's obviously a test. How else will Daniel get to meet Otto Ganz?

Frost needs to make a decision about his future. He's watching video of Katarina Gerhardt, contemplating calling Richard about the secret intelligence job.

Daniel gets his gun delivery. He takes Lena to play with them. She enjoys them. Of course, she has no money. It was a test. She just needed to know if he could get what he said he could get. 

It's time to meet her father. The father Daniel now knows from two different sides. 

Valerie and April have been watching a house and once the inhabitant leaves, April breaks inside. As soon as she's inside, someone pulls up to the house. April won't get out, so Valerie has to think fast. She starts walking around the house looking for April, her dog or cat. The guy walking into the house comes out of the gate to help. 

He seems very nice and offers to help her. It was Katarina's political advisor. If anything happens to her, he takes over.

When Steven chats with Robert about the job he was offered, Robert knows straight away that Richard Hanes was offering Steven a job to spy on them. Even though Frost says he told him to fuck himself with a pointy stick, his line of questioning afterward indicates he's already on the payroll.

Daniel is in the room with Otto Ganz. Otto tells him to leave when Daniel won't admit who he works for. Apparently working for yourself isn't good enough these days.

Lena says when he says no, he means no.

When Valerie gets to her door, Joseph Emmerich is there. He wondered why an American woman was outside the house of Katerina Gerhardt two weeks before the election. He gives her his card and leaves.

Daniel stomps back into the room with Otto Ganz. He has a guy. 

Daniel's guy is in Spain. Everyone piles into their cars and makes a day of it. 

Daniel knocks on Hector's door and asks him to get into character or they'll both be dead.


Berlin Station
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Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Who says there are no friends in espionage?


Daniel: Esther, he's naked.
Esther: Yeah, they all were.
Daniel: Don't you think that's a little weird?