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As Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 10 begins, a younger Jimmy meets with his friend Marco in a bar in Illinois to tell his former partner in cons that he's moving to Albuquerque to work for Chuck. He has to get out of his life of crime if he's going to stay out of jail. Marco begs him to stay, but Jimmy says he made a promise. He's been given an opportunity and he has to take it. Marco disagrees with Jimmy's decision to leave and is angry about being abandoned.

Kim meets Jimmy in the lobby of HHM and he tells her he's handing over the class action suit because Chuck doesn't want him there. He wonders why she didn't tell him and she replies that she didn't want him hating his brother. Jimmy apologizes to Howard for the animosity and Howard says he wishes things had gone differently as he pays Jimmy the of-counsel fee. Then Jimmy hands over a shopping list of Chuck's necessities and asks Howard to take care of it. 

In the parking garage, Jimmy apologizes for yelling at Kim and she hugs him. She gives Jimmy credit for being mature about Chuck's dismissal of him.

Jimmy calls Bingo at a retirement home and lacks his usual panache. When he calls his fourth letter B in a row, he begins to break down. He tells the story of a guy back home named Chet who slept with his wife, before she became his ex-wife, and how he gave Chet's car, a BMW, a "Chicago Sunroof." None of the old people find his story humorous. After his story concludes, he drops the mic and walks out.

After leaving, Jimmy flies to Cicero and walks into the bar he used to frequent. Marco is still sitting on the same stool, exactly where he was when Jimmy left. Marco is passed out, and Jimmy wakes him with a beer. He's become gainfully employed by one of his brothers-in-law. They continue talking and Jimmy reveals he came to town for his mother's funeral but didn't come visit. They run a con together on a traveler in the bar for old times' sake.

Once their first con is successful, the continue running them, fueled by the adrenaline of pulling a fast one on unsuspecting victims. Jimmy wakes up the next morning in the bed with a woman whom he had convinced he was Kevin Costner. As he gets dressed, his cell phone clatters to the ground and he checks his messages to find calls from clients who need him. When Marco wakes, Jimmy tells his friend that after a week of running cons, he has to go back to work in Albuquerque. 

Marco doesn't believe it when Jimmy tells him he's become a lawyer and he's no longer running cons and ripping people off. Before leaving, Marco wants to pull the Rolex scam one last time. Jimmy tries to refuse but the pull of the con is too strong. When Marco hears Jimmy and the mark coming, he gets into position. Jimmy can't rouse him and the mark makes off with the wallet as Marco dies in the alley.

Jimmy stays in Chicago to bury his friend but gets a call before the funeral. It's Kim. The Sandpiper case has gotten too big and she's lined up an interview for him in Santa Fe with a firm that wants him for a potential partner position. He doesn't believe the offer can possibly be real.

Chuck gets a delivery from his assistant at HHM and he's displeased at the guy's inability to pay attention to directions. Ernie spies Jimmy waiting outside Chuck's house and Chuck does too. When Jimmy won't come inside, Chuck decides to go out, but just as he turns the doorknob, Jimmy drives away. 

Mike gets a call in the guard booth and lines up another job. Jimmy goes to court to be there for Kim and Howard's meeting with Judge Murray and to meet the people from Davis and Main, but as he's walking in, he feels Marco's ring on his finger and decides to leave, stopping at the booth to talk to Mike on his way out. 

Jimmy can't believe that he and Mike didn't split the Kettleman's stolen funds. Mike says he didn't take the money because he was hired to do a job. Jimmy says he knows what stopped him and that will never stop him again before speeding off.

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