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Jimmy and Chuck sit on a bench together in the sunshine as Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 9 begins. Chuck looks fearfully toward a power transformer and Jimmy tells him to focus on feeling the grass beneath his feet instead. Chuck advises Jimmy to get ready for the case they're working together. 

Mike surprises Kaylee and his daughter in law with a dog. He gets a call from the vet while he's spending time with them. 

Jimmy faces off against the Sandpiper attorneys in court. They're bringing a restraining order against him and he has to fight it in order to continue serving his clients. Jimmy wins the hearing and returns to Chuck's house to find boxes of files opposing counsel sent to stall the filing of the class action lawsuit. Chuck wants to refer the case to HHM. Jimmy reluctantly agrees.

While Jimmy sleeps, Chuck goes outside to the mailbox and retrieves Jimmy's cell phone. 

Mike and two more of the vet's workers wait in a parking deck. One of them talks too much and annoys Mike. When their employer shows up, the loud mouth tries to convince the employer to send Mike home because he didn't bring a gun. Mike incapacitates the loud mouth, scares the bigger guy off, and takes the whole job for himself. 

Jimmy and Chuck go to HHM for a meeting with Howard. They added Chuck's reflective blanket to the inside of his suit and HHM has shut down their electricity to help him return to the office. The entire office staff turns out to celebrate his return with a hearty round of applause. Howard is excited to have the case and offers Jimmy a settlement fee when the case is over. Jimmy asks for an office and Howard tells him they won't be hiring him. Jimmy decides HHM can't have the case.

Kim visits Howard to intercede on Jimmy's behalf. Howard refuses her an explanation until she's on the way out. Then he tells her to close the door.

Mike and his employer wait for the people they're meeting to do their exchange. The employer is obviously nervous about the meeting and Mike does his best to calm the man. One of the men in the meeting is Tuco's cousin Nacho. The envelope containing the money is $20 short and mike won't let the deal go down unless Nacho pays up. He does.

Kim meets Jimmy at the nail salon. He offers her a drink if she promises to listen to him rant about Howard. She interrupts him to tell him to take the deal. He asks what Hamlin promised her and all she says is "Take the deal." Jimmy sits down to charge his phone and check his messages. 

Chuck starts to prepare for his day and sees Jimmy sitting on his couch. Jimmy says he's going to take the deal. He knows Chuck called Hamlin and that his own brother is the one who kept him from getting a job at HHM. 

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Hail Satan. I submit to the dark side.


Jimmy: We can Erin Brokovich the shit out of this case.
Chuck: Erin Brokovich didn't do it alone.