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The Better Call Saul Season 2 premiere begins with Jimmy in Omaha, a flash forward to his time after the conclusion of Breaking Bad. He's still living an unassuming life as a Cinnabon manager. When he finds himself trapped in a mall alley, he hesitates to use the emergency exit for fear of running into the police.

Jimmy follows up on a meeting arranged by Kim which would send him to work for a large firm in Santa Fe. He declines the job, to Kim's dismay, after she tells him that the future of their relationship isn't dependent on his decision. After leaving the meeting, Jimmy talks to Mike and vows he'll never do the right thing again. 

Mike's drug-dealing associate fires him and then goes to a meeting with Nacho alone in his brand new H2. Nacho gets his personal information from the registration inside the car, obviously for nefarious purposes.

Kim finds Jimmy in a pool and learns he's decided to quit the law. She wants to know the plan and he doesn't have one. The continue overhearing an obnoxious stockbroker and Jimmy decides to show her his plan for the future by hustling the man at the bar for an entire bottle of $50 shots of tequila.

After running away from the dinner, Kim kisses Jimmy. They end up spending the night together.

Wormald calls the police to his house after someone breaks in and wrecks the place. He claims a baseball card collection has been stolen, along with some cash. The police are suspicious of his story and begin asking about the Hummer. Wormald is agitated that they aren't taking this seriously.

Jimmy returns to the same resort the next day and spots his next mark. He calls Kim to join him but then has a moment of guilt and decides to call the attorneys at Davis and Main instead to ask about an interview. They bring him on board and give him a corner office and company car.

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Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Yeah, well, I know what stopped me. And you know what? It's never stopping me again.


Kim: So this is what a midlife crisis looks like?
Jimmy: Not midlife crisis. Clarity. Midlife clarity.