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As Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 8 begins, viewers learn the history of Jimmy's rivalry with Hamlin, Hamlin, & McGill. Jimmy was once their mail clerk, befriending an overworked Kim while there. He learns that he passed the bar and asks Chuck to consider hiring him once he's sworn in. Chuck says it's not his decision alone.

Howard comes to Jimmy in the mail room where Kim and the other mail clerks are throwing him a small celebration and asks to speak to Jimmy alone. Whatever Howard has to say isn't good news. He asks Jimmy if they can reassess in six months on his way out of the room.

Kim settles back into her office and Howard asks her to come attend a press conference celebrating their successful negotiations of the Kettlemans' plea agreement. She doesn't want to go but Howard makes her. Jimmy watches the announcement on television while waiting to see one of his clients in an assisted living facility.

When the client can't afford to pay him and says she's on an allowance, Jimmy realizes that something's amiss at Sandpiper Crossing. He believes the facility is cheating those who live their out of their money. The secretary sees him talking to several of Mrs. Landry's friends and grows suspicious. 

Jimmy goes to Chuck's to look through the boxes he left there and finds that Chuck did most of his filing. Chuck angrily tells Jimmy to hire a paralegal but Jimmy doesn't seem to be listening. He's on a mission to uncover the fraud at Sandpiper Crossing.

He returns to Sandpiper Crossing to see Mrs. Landry only to discover a sudden change in policy, a no solicitation rule, is preventing him from seeing his client and her friends. He tries to force his way in to see Mrs. Landry but is stopped by Sandpiper's security. Hearing shredding in a closed office, Jimmy goes into the restroom to write a letter giving notice of impending litigation and then demands they stop shredding documents. He's tossed out of the office.

Mike is back in his tower at the courthouse when Stacey calls. It's the first time they've talked since the night he told her the truth about her husband's death. She needs him to watch Kaylee and he eagerly agrees. 

Jimmy sits outside Sandpiper Crossing watching for the secretary to leave. When she does he goes to their dumpster hoping to find evidence of their shredding party from earlier in the day. While he's inside the dumpster, Sandpiper Crossing's attorney calls telling him to back off or face sanctioning. Jimmy gets out of the dumpster to find a separate bin for shredded documents.

He takes the retrieved trash to Jimmy's and begins the arduous task of assembling the multiple bags of papers. By the morning he's sorted them into color coded piles on Chuck's dining room floor. Chuck makes coffee and Jimmy falls asleep in the middle of the floor after having been awake all night long. Chuck begins working on Jimmy's puzzle.

Jimmy wakes up several hours later to find that Chuck has put together most of the documents and found the smoking gun in the case. Chuck begins using "we" language and Jimmy welcomes his brother on board. He calls Kim and asks for her help printing case law for their research telling her that Chuck is working with him on the case. She doesn't think it's a great idea since he's a partner at HHM.

Stacey returns home to find Mike and Kaylee playing. She asks him if she can spend some of the money she found among her late husband's things and Mike tells her to go ahead. She's in a tight financial situation and needs help.

Jimmy faxes copies of the reassembled documents to Sandpiper's attorneys and it isn't long before they show up at Chuck's house. Jimmy meets them outside and asks that they leave their electronics in the car before escorting them in. Chuck is afraid to see the other attorneys but Jimmy encourages him. 

Sandpiper's counsel offers $100 thousand dollars to make the case go away. Jimmy declines their offer and shows his cards. When Sandpiper's attorney asks what figure they had in mind, Chuck chimes in with $20 million to keep things out of court. 

Mike visits the veterinarian who sewed him up when he first arrived in town. He's looking for work to help Stacey and Kaylee.

Chuck gets so caught up in his work that he walks outside to Jimmy's car and back inside again without realizing he left the house, touching Jimmy's cell phone to get to the keys. It isn't until Jimmy points out that he's outside that Chuck even realizes what has happened.

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Chuck: You don't want to go off half-cocked.
Jimmy: Full cock. Okay.

Jimmy: You can't say it's private if a hobo can use it as a wigwam! That's the standard, isn't it, if animals or vagrants can get in?
Chuck: More or less, yes.