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Mike returns home one night, drops an envelope of money onto the table, and cracks open a beer. He's been beaten up and sewn back together, but his mission is accomplished. 

Jimmy shows the commercial to Cliff and the partners and prepares for the backlash from his decision. They're unimpressed with his decision to go forward with the commercial without approval. Cliff gives him two strikes and tells him he's on his last chance to stay employed at Davis and Main.

Kim is grilled by Howard and Chuck for knowing about the commercial but not saying anything. She's not even given a chance to explain. 

Nacho explains to Mike that Tuco is the man who needs to go. There are holes in Nacho's plan and Mike points them out. Nacho explains why it's important for Tuco to go and Mike says he'll look into it.

Jimmy shows up to HHM after hours and finds Kim in one of the dungeon-like conference rooms going through case files. He wants to go to Howard and plead his case. He apologizes, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Jimmy's next stop is Chuck's house where the elder McGill is suffering from his outing earlier in the day.

Mike meets with a gun dealer but decides not to buy a weapon. 

Chuck wakes the next morning to find Jimmy standing over him. Chuck's better, but Jimmy's still upset. Chuck denies having any involvement in punishing Kim and the brothers begin to argue. Jimmy offers to quit practicing law if Chuck will make things right for Kim. 

Mike tells Nacho he won't be the hit man and presents another option. His own face. 

Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Chuck: You're still here.
Jimmy: Yeah, I'm still here.

Jimmy: You are such an asshole.
Chuck: Why? For pointing out that her one mistake was believing in you?