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Jimmy visits Texas to meet with a bus full of Sandpiper Crossing residents since management there has prevented him from meeting with potential clients. He signs the entire bus of retirees onto his case load.

Chuck continues to insist upon sitting into the team meetings for the case and after hearing about Jimmy's successes, calls his brother to the carpet. Chuck says Jimmy has been soliciting but Jimmy is able to convince the rest of the team members no laws were broken in signing the clients.

Kim knows Jimmy was lying about soliciting new clients. She asks him to make sure he does the job right and lets him know that she believes in him.

Mike spends time with his granddaughter and daughter in law and drops off an envelope of money to help take care of them. He learns that gunshots were fired in their neighborhood and offers to stay and protect them.

Jimmy pitches an idea to Cliff to help them reach more Sandpiper residents: a TV commercial. Cliff says they'll talk. Jimmy decides to move ahead with production.

When she refuses to let him sleep inside to protect them, Mike decides to watch his granddaughter's house from the car outside. Nothing happens and there are no gunshots.

Just after getting to work the next morning, Mike gets a call from his daughter in law who shows him what she believes is evidence of a gunshot on the outside of their house. He asks if she could have been dreaming, but she says no. He insists they move.

Kim visits Jimmy at his corporate apartment and he reveals his commercial. She loves it. He decides to go ahead with airing it without telling Cliff or asking for permission.

Mike visits the veterinarian to find an extra job. The vet won't give him a high-paying gig so Mike settles for one that pays $200.

Jimmy watches the clock to time the airing of his commercial and spends the rest of the afternoon staring at the phone willing it to ring. Eventually the phone lines blow up. His gamble paid off.

Mike spends the night with his family and gets a call from the vet with a job. He's been personally requested.

Kim and Jimmy are watching a movie when Jimmy gets a call from Cliff. He's in trouble for failing to get clearance before running the commercial.


Better Call Saul
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