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Mike answers the phone and has a conversation with Gus Fring.

Mike and Gus agree that Mike work for Fring against Hector Salamanca.

Jimmy sits outside Chuck's house, waiting to be arrested.

Jimmy is processed and put in a prison cell. 

Ernie meets with Kim, tells him what happened to Jimmy, and also reveals that Chuck fired him. 

Kim shows up at Jimmy's initial appearance before a judge and offers to defend him, but Jimmy insists on defending himself. Kim relents, and Jimmy gets out on bond.

Jimmy goes back to the office, apologizes to Kim, but demands that she let him fix this himself. She agrees.

Mike meets with a doctor at a free clinic. The doctor is an associate of Fring, and he agrees to give Mike a package.

Jimmy sees a friend who is a prosecutor, and he tells Jimmy someone from out of town is being brought in to prosecute Jimmy's case.

Mike sets up an intricate trap using the packet of drugs and a pair of sneakers at the dead drop site Hector's men use. 

Ms. Hay, the prosecutor, meets with Chuck to discuss the case.

One of Hector's trucks stops to make a dead drop. Mike shoots the sneakers that are suspended on the power line, spilling the drugs onto the back of the truck. 

At the border checkpoint, the one of the drug sniffing dogs hits upon the drugs that spilled onto the back of the truck, and the drivers are arrested.

Jimmy and Kim discuss the case, and Jimmy lets Kim help him defend himself against Chuck.


Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Here's what's gonna happen. One day you're gonna get sick, again. And one of your employees is gonna find you, curled up in that space blanket-take you to the hospital. Hook you up to those machines that beep and whir, and hurt. And this time it will be too much, and you will die there. Alone.

Jimmy [to Chuck]

Mike: You care to elaborate?
Gus: It is not in my interest for Hector Salamanca to die-at THIS time.
Mike: Who is he to you?
Gus: An associate of an associate.
Mike: How very specific.
Gus: Who is he to you?
Mike: We had a disagreement. He threatened my family. I'm not gonna let that go.
Gus: But, you had let it go-you'd taken his money. Your family was no longer in danger. And yet, still, you robbed his truck. Shouldn't that have settled the matter? Most men would have walked away. But, instead, you made an attempt on his life. Why? I understand that a civilian found the driver after you robbed the truck. Hector murdered this civilian, correct?
Mike: He wasn't in the game.
Gus: I can't allow you to kill Hector. However, I am not completely unsympathetic to your sense of justice. You hurt Hector when you robbed that truck-you hurt his business, his pride. Quite effectively. And, if you were to hurt him in the same manner again, I would not stand in your way.
Mike: You want me to rob another truck.
Gus: If you feel so inclined.
Mike: I'm done with that.
Gus: Then our business here is finished.
Mike: That's it?
Gus: That's it.
Mike: No more tracker, no more of your minions following me, just like that?
Gus: Just like that. Of course, I trust you are done with Hector Salamanca. Goodbye, Mr. Ehrmantraut.
Mike: Wait. You want his truck hit because you want to disrupt his supply line. Hector's your competition.
Gus: Why do you ask?
Mike: Because I'm not done with Hector Salamanca.