When Veronica's father (Geoff Pierson), the CEO of a rival company, comes to vist her, she's convinced he's there for his usual agenda.. to steal Veridian Dyanmics secrets.  While he certainly is still there to do that, her father informs her that he only has cancer and only has one year left to live.  Veronica initially does not believe him, but after her private physician confirms the news, she learns to feel some emotions from it thanks to the help of Linda.  Veronica tries to have a normal relationship with her father, but the two are awkward at it and in the end seem to go back to their old ways.

Ted, who is always battling his own daddy issues sees a way to impress his father when Phil and Lem accidentally invent a cure for male-pattern baldness.  He pushes the guys to ignore protocol and rush the product to human testing just so he can finally get the approval.  The drug ends up causing any causing any porous surface to grow hair and the experiment is considered a failure.  Veronica tricks her father into stealing.

Back at home, Ted was forcing his daughter to run for class president despite the fact she doesn't want the position.  He realizes he should be a better dad himelf, he tells Rose she doesn't have to run.  He sends his dad a tie and one of Rose's disgusting mud cookies.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ted, you don't have to go through all this. Just say the word and the election's her's. We did for Iceland and we can do it for your kid


Ted: Veronica, quick question.
Veronica: What is it with everyone and their questions this morning? Where'd you learn to drive? Will you marry me? Why'd you say that to my baby?