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Ted ends up starting an out-of-the office relationship with a visiting German executive Greta (Stefanie von Pfetten), who wants to partner with Veridian on a new translation device.  However, after bedding Greta, she eventually wants to get to know Ted and decides to use the translation device in the bed.  However, Phil and Lem updated the device to use Phil's friendlier voice and it kills the mood with Ted and Stella.  After refusing to use the device in bed, Greta and the executives decide not to partner with Veridian.  In order to win back the deal, Ted has to sleep with Greta in the office while they use the de

Meanwhile, Veronica walks in on Linda playing "Linda Bagel," a game where Linda tosses bagels into an A/C vent. Linda continues to beat Veronica everytime they play, refusing to take it easy on her boss, despite the additional workdload Veronica keeps giving her.  Veronica makes Phil and Lem design a new bagel for her to win with.  However, during the the intense bagel battle, Linda gets distracted while supposedly hearing Phil and Ted have sex (from the A story above) and ends up losing to Veronica.

Oh and Phil and Lem have a hard times coming to terms with the fact they may be evil scientists when every device they make is used for evil.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Lem: We don't create evil things.
Ted: Some might see this long-range people-skinning laser as evil-ish.
Phil: Well, that was only designed so you could peel an orange in your kitchen while sitting comfortably in your living room.
Ted: Well, now it's used to peel enemy soldiers overseas while you sit comfortably in the Pentagon.

Ted: And listen. The Germans are all worried because, ironically, they think that Veridian is ruthlessly efficient and bent on world domination.
Phil: Wow. That's like when those Irish auditors thought our accounting department drank too much and wrote overly depressing poetry