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When Ted's brother Billy (Eddie McClintock) comes to visit, Ted tries to get him a job at Veridian to keep him around.  However, when Ted finds out Veridian isn't hiring, he does the next best thing: he orders an insane amount of beakers from their lab supply company in exchange for hiring Billy as a salesman.  

As a salesman, Billy quickly starts trying to loosen up Phil and Lem so he can sell them supplies they don't even need.  Soon he as Lem wearing leather pants, Lem eating cheese apples, and the two of them ordering corpses, robots and wind tunnels they don't need.  

Meanwhile, Veronica gets nominated for an award from The Veridian Foundation and she enlists Linda's help to help her raise money.  However, when the two find out the charity keeps 95% to promote how much they give away the other 5%, they decide to donate the money directly to the cause.  Soon they have Mr. Page (Rick Hoffman) to answer to.

Ted, angry at his brother, yells at him and tells him he's sick of cleaning up his messes.  That's when Billy takes Phil and Lem, and they take care of Linda and Veronica's problem.  Veronica finds a use for Billy's robots and wind tunnel he sold the guys, and they return the corpses they no longer need.  All problems solved.  Oh and Billy ends up dating the cheese cutter from the airport lounge he keeps taking the guys to.  So who knows, if Better Off Ted sticks around so might Billy.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Bang zoom! I'm getting a muffin!


The Veridian Foundation... helping the world then telling people about it makes us feel so good. The Veridian Foundation... Helping people. By telling people we're helping the world.