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Nicole thanks Da’Vonne for casting the final vote for her win in BB18. Day tells her they’re good, but she is still skeptical.

Cody and Nicole plan on making gendered alliances, but reporting back to each other. They discuss Janelle and Kaysar as possible nominees. Cody also considers Keesha, as he does not know her well.

The Safety Suite Twist is introduced: For the next three weeks, the suite will be open prior to nominations for a short period of time. Once a houseguest uses their VIP pass to compete for safety, they can not use it again. The houseguest who emerges victorious will also get to name a plus-one in safety. The plus-one will get a punishment the entire week.

The Safety Suite opened for only one hour. Kaysarspoke with Cody, but did not feel safe after their talk. Janelle spoke with Cody, too, and did not feel comforted after their talk, either.

Memphis proposes to Cody starting a bigger alliance after a few weeks. Cody admits to Memphis he considers Janelle and Kaysar big threats and possible nominees. While they talk, Kaysar and Janelle enter the Safety Suite with less than 10 seconds left.

In the Safety Suite comp, “Don’t Miss a Beat,” contestants had to listen to a song, then recreate the song with the deejay table. The person to do it the quickest wins.

Kaysar won safety with a time of 7:55 and chose Janelle as his plus-one. Janelle’s punishment is to wear the BB All-Star costume all week.

Cody nominates Keesha and Kevin, because he doesn't know Keesha well and he feels he could smooth things over with Kevin.

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Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2 Quotes

I got to be honest, I didn’t want to come in and immediately put a target on my back.


So how much time passes before people start fighting.