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Cody tells Kevin he wants to form a relationship with him.

Cody tells Keesha he’s just nominated her because he hasn’t talked to her before, and she’s not his target. In the diary room, he says she is.

Tyler in the diary room says many people want deals with him: Nicole, Da’Vonne, Kaysar, Christmas, David, Memphis, and Janelle.

Cody and Enzo are leaning towards keeping Kevin. The two form an alliance: “The Roux.” In the diary room, Cody says he plans to stick to his final two deal with Nicole.

Ian reveals he’s on the autism spectrum.

Veto players: Cody, Keesha, Kevin, Tyler, Enzo (Kevin’s HC), and Ian. Da’Vonne hosts.

“It’s Bananas” Comp: They have to ride the BB Peelatons (bananas) 20 times to get time on the clock. Once their timer starts, they get 90 seconds to stack as many fruits and vegetables as they can. Enzo quits while he’s ahead and locks in a score of 18. Kevin had 19, but saw Keesha was still in the game, so kept going and timed out. Enzo wins.

As the only two winners, Ian and Nicole make a final two deal, and name it “The Million.” Nicole admits in the diary room her primary allegiance is to Cody.

Kevin talks to Enzo about the possibility of him using the veto, but Enzo didn’t commit. Knowing Enzo won’t do anything without Cody’s blessing, Kevin goes to Cody to discuss any scenario that would keep him safe.

Da’Vonne and Bayleigh make a Black Girl Magic alliance.

Enzo sees Nicole and Ian talking in the bathroom, and he immediately runs to Cody and tells him the two are working together. Enzo and Cody agree they cannot trust Ian and will need to get him out.

Enzo does not use the power of veto.

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Big Brother Season 22 Episode 3 Quotes

I nominated Keesha and Kevin because I don’t really have a relationship with either one of them.


You guys, don’t shun me.